Bright yellow – and square!

Bright Square

Yes that’s the pop of yellow wattle flowers – in April over here on the NSW South Coast! In autumn!!!

Wattle is the Australian Floral emblem and is always a pure delight to see brightening up the grey/green of the Aussie bush. It displays the Australian colours of green and gold.

But apparently it’s possible to find wattle flowering somewhere in Australia most months of the year. Did you know that?

Wattle in April
Wattle in April

According to the ABC site I looked at: Up to a third of Australia’s 960 species of wattle will flower in winter. This winter blooming means that somewhere in Australia, no matter what time of year, a wattle is flowering, because they also flower in spring, summer and autumn.Anyway enjoy some pop of yellow! It made me smile 😊

What a glorious sight while out walking today!

Becky’s square theme for April is Bright – it’s a challenge where she posts a photo every day – you can see her latest post here – A Bright Room. She invites others to join her in sharing their square photos, either every day or as they feel the urge. I’m dipping in and out through the month but am enjoying looking for all things bright and beautiful.

Feel free to join in with Becky and the Squares!

Bright is a lovely theme to keep our spirits up, wouldn’t you agree? We need lour spirits lifted as we are currently cleaning out my late MIL’s house after she left us in December last year. Not a fun job but one that has to be done. The bright yellow wattle sure did brighten my day.


Deb 🙂

squares logo
Becky’s squares logo

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19 Replies to “Bright yellow – and square!”

  1. I love Wattle. It never fails to cheer me up. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it cos it’s been so grey and dull lately. Thanks for brightening up my day with this post Deb.

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      1. Such beautiful flowers!! I’m visiting from Becky’s bright square challenge gallery she put together. She’s amazing, and am visiting others who have shared! Lovely and bright yellow, it’s a beautiful photo! ❤️ Diana

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s lovely of you to let me know you’re visiting from Becky’s post, thanks Diana. It’s certainly been a bright and beautiful month with the squares and I will miss it. Becky really is amazing with her galleries and I’m also off visiting via her post today 🙂

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  2. That’s a beautiful portrait shot, Debbie. Wattle is really glorious, isn’t it, no matter what colour or season, but I usually find it difficult to capture, especially en mass like this. Good job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I love wattle too and agree it can be difficult to capture the yellow flowers, but this one seemed to work out OK, I’m happy to say!


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