Time-travel fun with trees – #TreeSquare!

Welcome to Day #3 of Tree Squares


A few years ago now, my youngest daughter decided not to run away to Fiji to elope, but to have a small destination wedding there instead, with only immediate family and a few friends – a party of 16 including the bride and groom!

Of course I wrote about it at the time – Thoughts on a Destination Wedding. I was the MOB for the second time and loving it!

I have to say it was one of the best family holidays we’ve ever had, with my eldest daughter and husband flying in to meet up with us from England, and for the first time in a while we had all three girls and their partners, together in a fabulous part of the world. What’s not to love!

Anyway, we had lots of fun together and enjoyed watching the sunsets dip below the horizon each night while sitting under the palm trees. As it’s cold and bleak here today in Tumbarumba, I decided to pretend I was back there – with my daughters, in the warmth of Fiji and feeling happy with hardly a care in the world. Bula!

That’s the power of a photo – it can transport you to wherever you want to go.

Mother and daughter having fun at sunset among the palm trees in Fiji
Mother and daughter fun at sunset – this photo always makes me smile 🙂

Just in case you’re wondering I’m the one on the left and my daughter is on the right – she hates me sharing this photo but I love it, as it never fails to make me laugh!

All I need are palm trees and a little bit of paradise.

In my happy place in Fiji
Debbie hugging a tree – and looking very happy – in Fiji

I think this photo shows a very relaxed me – for obvious reasons – I was the Mother of the Bride for the second time! It’s a role I took to with gusto I assure you 🙂

Becky’s Squares

Becky’s square theme for July is Trees- here’s a link to her post today – it’s a monthly challenge where she posts a square photo every day and she invites us all to join in, either daily or spasmodically as the whim takes us! I’m going well so far! Day 1 was the rainbow through the trees, Day 2 was snow falling on the tree and now Day 3 a little time travel fun with a quick trip to Fiji.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little trip to paradise with me today. One of the things we’ve said we’ll do, when we can travel again, is to go back to Fiji on a family holiday, as we now have grandchildren to share the fun with!

Deb 🙂

All my #TreeSquare posts can be found here

PS: A brief apology (#sorrynotsorry) to some readers who may get tired of my extra posts and my photos of trees – I’m enjoying myself and I hope you are entertained too.

squares logo
Becky’s squares logo

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16 Replies to “Time-travel fun with trees – #TreeSquare!”

    1. Thanks Sue, I really do look happy! It was such a fun time I can’t not smile when I think back on this trip. The memories are very special to us all.


    1. Oh Carol, it was so much fun and a lovely place to visit. Everyone was so happy for us and we enjoyed every minute of it! Hawaii is beautiful too, I have been there – briefly many years ago!

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