Sharing connections and values for #WordlessWednesday

A month of photos during September

As I wrote last week, I’m joining my friend Denyse (and others) in her ‘photo word’ challenge for everyday throughout September.

Denyse has set the words in advance, and invites others to join her using #ShareSeptember2021 #oneword #onephoto #30days, on any social media platforms they use.

I’m mainly sharing mine on Instagram but sometimes on my blog’s Facebook page too.

Days 9-15

The word #love was from last week and I decided to share my photos from the week in a wrap-up post, as they fit the theme of love very well. This week it’s been a word of values and connections so I thought I’d continue by sharing this week’s photos too.

Day 9 – Patience

I love the look of patience on my granddaughter’s face as she waits patiently for her milkshake to arrive, while out for a special brunch. It’s more like a look of resignation, as everyone else was getting their drinks before hers came out. She was being very well behaved and patient given the circumstances.

being patient
being patient

Day 10 – Value

Today I value my health. I’m 60 years old, I’m fully vaccinated, I follow the rules and I value the science and medical advice of those who know far more than I do.

Maybe my fashion sense could do with an upgrade 😂

value my health
value my health

Day 11 – Caring

I’m lucky to live in a very caring community. Tumbarumba may be a small town but it has a great big heart! Our town has been through a lot over the past few years, but we’re still standing.

Today, and over the next few days, volunteers from the rail trail committee, friends, supporters, Rotary Club members, locals and many others are out helping to plant trees along the trail. Caring for the environment and the rail trail, caring for each other, and caring about our local community – what better way to spend some time?

rail trail sign and bike
rail trail sign and bike

Day 12 – Look

Look at these perfectly formed raindrops on the green leaves of my indoor plant getting a drink outside. Love the shapes they create.

raindrops on green leaves
raindrops on green leaves

Day 13 – Respect

Deep respect for this group of friends who volunteer their time in so many ways to help the local community.

Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone due to their abilities, qualities or achievements.

This is a photo of a great group of friends who I respect for their community involvement and their excellent tree planting abilities today along the rail trail!

Day 14 – Forgive

Forgive me….for sharing yet another rainbow photo, but it’s just too beautiful a sight not to share! Don’t you agree?

rainbow over Tumbarumba
rainbow over Tumbarumba

Day 15 – Connection

Connections take place in many different ways. This is an example of a ‘blogging connection’. I always enjoy meeting up with my favourite bloggers whenever I can. Earlier in the year I was able to meet Jo @jotracey and Sue @womenlivingwellafter50 and we talked non-stop for a few hours! Of course a selfie together had to happen 😊

Blogging connection
Blogging connection

I appreciate that this isn’t actually a wordless post but I make the rules! Do you have a favourite photo from this week’s offerings?

Happy Wednesday!

Deb 🙂

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11 Replies to “Sharing connections and values for #WordlessWednesday”

    1. Hi Leanne, thanks so much for your lovely comment, it really was a labour of love choosing the photos and then putting words to them. I’m pleased it brightened your morning 🙂


  1. Your post, you rules! Again, I love how you roll …
    My favourite image has to be you 3 smiling ladies … we don’t get to see smiles much these days, so I relish every smiling face!

    A close 2nd is your very patient granddaughter. I’m not sure if I would be as uncomplaining as she!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Exactly right Ju-Lyn! I was thinking the same thing about smiles just recently as we hardly ever get to see people smile because of masks. I’m glad you liked that photo too!


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