Inside decor of a special house – #SundayStills

Welcome to the Doll’s House

This week Terri has Indoor/Outdoor Decor as the theme for Sunday Stills, and as I’ve just had a visit from my daughter, SIL and two precious grandchildren, I’ve gone with a photo from their visit.

My granddaughter, 3 year old Miss E, loved getting to know all the inhabitants again.

inside the doll's house
inside and outside the doll’s house

Doll’s House renovation time

I won this delightful old doll’s house in a silent auction a year or so ago. As it was a Bushfire Recovery fundraiser I just kept adding to my bids and I ended up outbidding everyone else!

Once I had it home, a good friend helped me get it ready for a visit from my grandchildren and I was thrilled with the result and so was the little one! It’s amazing what a difference some new wallpaper (coloured paper), pictures, stickers, a glue stick, ribbon plus new furniture and a family of little people can make!

She’s been back to stay for the weekend since that first visit and we had even more fun together, sorting out all the furniture.

It’s amazing what a difference some new wallpaper (coloured paper), pictures, stickers, a glue stick, ribbon plus new furniture and a family of little people can make!

Dolls house reno
Doll’s house reno

Terri is our generous host for #SundayStills and her post can be found here . Next week the theme for Sunday Stills is – Eerie, maybe something to do with Halloween do you think?

Thanks for stopping by.

Debbie 🙂

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30 Replies to “Inside decor of a special house – #SundayStills”

    1. Thanks Donna, we both had fun playing inside with the doll’s house, when we weren’t outside on the yellow swing! We just had to keep the little pieces away from baby Zach!


  1. What a wonderful dolls’ house!! I’ve always been fascinated by everything miniature, so of course I’ve loved dolls’ houses. We had a very nice dolls’ house and think it’s still around somewhere. If we had a bigger house and lived in Sweden it would be nice to have it as decoration somehow, but it’s probably better to give it to someone with kids.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now you’ve got me worried! I tried looking up the correct way of writing doll’s house and even asked my sister who knows everything, and I see you’ve done it as dolls’ house.


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