My Magnolia is flowering again #SquareOdds

My Magnolia usually flowers in September when it’s springtime

It was definitely ODD to see magnolia flowers in January!!

Back in January, I looked up into the green foliage, saw the blue sky above but also a pink flower, which shouldn’t have been there!

Yes my magnolia was flowering – in January, in the middle of summer! To my knowledge that hasn’t happened before and my magnolia tree is many years old and huge.

I kept checking every few days and more flowers appeared, so I took a few shots as proof and shared on my Deb’s World Facebook page asking if anyone else had noticed a similar occurrence.

Quite a few people responded with similar stories and attributed it to all the rain we’ve had over summer, thanks to La Nina – but it really was quite odd and discombobulating (I love that word) to see.

Magnolia flowering in January
Magnolia flowering in January – a bit ODD!

Life is simply a mix of mayhem & magnolias, so embrace this gentle riot and gather flowers along the way.

Kat Savage

Square Odds

Becky has her Squares challenge running for the month of February, where we can share any photo as long as it’s square, on the theme of ODD – #SquareOdds – I won’t be joining in every day, but when I have something odd to share I’ll be sure to post about it.

Odd can be interpreted lots of ways and like beauty it can be in the eye of the beholder. What you may find odd I may think is completely normal!

You can see Becky’s Day 4 post here – The Square Odds.

Have a great weekend and keep an eye out for some odd squares.

Deb 🙂

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Becky’s squares logo

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29 Replies to “My Magnolia is flowering again #SquareOdds”

  1. What a beautiful flower! Our winter bulbs are just beginning to come into flower, the delicate little snowdrops and crocuses – it makes it feel like spring my be just around the corner.

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  2. Strange things are happening in nature because of global warming. In our gardens here (UK) there are signs of spring which shouldn’t be happening until April. It’s lovely to see but also worrying, in case we get snow, and for insects who won’t find their food source when they’re out of hibernation.

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    1. Yes I think it will flower then Susanne. The wet weather we’ve had (La Nina) has been to blame for many of these sorts of strange flowerings in the area. Plus warm days have helped, maybe the weather and plants are getting a bit confused!


  3. Hey back off with the magnolia pics, Deb!!. Mine are just budding and will be the first big colour for the year in a month’s time and then you go and steal our thunder!! Are you guys not satisfied with the Ashes and Washes!!?
    Though they are lovely….

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    1. Haha Geoff! Sorry just had to get in first with the magnolia flowers 🙂 Can’t wait to see yours when they flower. Did you know us Aussies are always a tad competitive??


  4. Your magnolia is beautiful Deb and the bonus of an extra flowering is something to delight in. We have a gardenia near our front door that has had an extra small spurt of flowers and that gave me a smile for the day when I saw them.

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