Fenestrations – a fun family photo challenge

A word a week photo challenge

Our family has had a variety of photo challenges running for a few years now, off and on. We take a break, then start a new challenge. My sister started the idea ages ago and when we were all in lockdown we started it up again as a way to stay in touch – we have a variety of generations involved including mum and my daughters.

We’ve made photo books, shared photos and challenged ourselves – and in the meantime we’ve stayed engaged and in touch with each other. We are spread around Australia and even have two family members who contribute from England. There’s no compunction to join in, no pressure, no judgement, no limit to the number of photos you post…as long as they are topic!

Our latest incarnation has been our Word a Week challenge. We take it in turns to choose a word for the week ahead and then go about sharing photos of that word – either new shots or those from archives.

We have our own private Facebook group and a Sunday night video chat where we go through all the photos from the week. It’s usually about half an hour and we manage to share news, celebrate birthdays and generally catchup with family who are scattered all over. Seeing everyone’s faces is always part of the fun.

This latest week has been all about fenestrations – a word I hadn’t ever heard of before last Sunday. I suggested windows/doors as the topic and my brother-in-law immediately said ‘fenestration‘. We have all embraced this word and its meaning, once we knew what it meant!

Originating from the Latin word fenestra, meaning window, fenestration refers to the openings in a building’s facade. In simple terms, fenestration can be explained as the arrangement of windows, doors and openings in a building

Fenestration examples

Sometimes you’re looking in at a window or door, and other times you’re looking out 🙂

I think a fairy door in a tree counts as a fenestration, don’t you?

Lupo's Loft - me at the window
Lupo’s Loft – me at the window

It’s been great seeing everyone’s photos and I couldn’t help but share a few of mine from the archives.

Did you know what fenestration meant?

Have a great week!

Deb x

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21 Replies to “Fenestrations – a fun family photo challenge”

  1. It’s a common word in the medical world so I did know it. Your photos are so good! It’s commendable that you and your family are committed to this regular connection. Bernie

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like how you framed the images. When I studied history I learnt about the defenestration of Prague. The townsfolk rebelled and through some of the officials out of the windows.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Anne, the framing wasn’t really a planned thing but I’m glad it worked out. The defenestration makes sense now that I know it was all about windows!


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