The Gift of Sunshine #WOTY

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Look for the gift in each ordinary day

As you probably know by now, my Word of the Year (WOTY) for 2022 is Gift.

It’s now half way through the year and I must say I am seeing so many things in my life as gifts – I may have known they were there before and taken them for granted, but now I am recognising them for what they are – very special gifts.

  • My family
  • friendships
  • blogging
  • ability to travel
  • my health
  • acceptance of myself
  • my body
  • the way I think
  • where I live
  • my lifestyle

and the list of gifts goes on!!!!

It always surprises me, (I don’t know why), that my WOTY helps me see the world around me in a different light and whatever word I end up choosing, becomes a focus for the year. That’s the reason it’s called a Word of the Year you silly duffer I hear you scream!!

But for some reason, I never envisage being so taken in by my WOTY and yet I always am – I make it my own. In recent years I’ve had the words Bold, Jump, Time, Focus and New Horizons (the year after I was made redundant) and I find it’s a great way to view things that are going on around me.

The Gift of Sunshine

This month I can’t go past the gift of sunshine. I’ve mentioned it a few times lately that we’re away from home visiting our daughter and her family up north in Queensland. It’s cold and miserable at home at the moment but up here it’s been utterly delightful (we missed all the rain) with blue skies, warm sunshine and family. It’s been pure bliss with temperatures averaging 22 degrees while back at home they’re lucky to get to double digits!

We’re leaving soon and I know I’ll be complaining about the cold when I get home!

I’ll share a few photos from our time in the sunshine 🙂

Spending time with our 2 year-old grandson Patrick has been a highlight during the month, so many sunny smiles and fun in the sun!

The gift of friendship cannot be underestimated – it was so lovely catching up, in person, not over a screen, with friend and fellow blogger Sue one of our stunning co-hosts of this link-up. Just look at our lovely happy smiles 🙂 I was to meet up with Jo as well but Covid got in the way of those plans unfortunately. Next time!

Sunshine gifts through music

No books about gifts this month, instead you get some music – just for a change!

Three very different songs about sunshine – I annoyed my family no end by singing these as I was writing this post. My gift to them 🙂

The John Denver song has a very special memory attached to it. When my sister and I were teenagers, mum was in hospital in quite a serious condition, dad decided to take us to the movies which was a lovely gesture. Except the movie he took us to was all about a mother dying of cancer writing and recording her life for her child. A very touching movie and we can’t hear this song without being thrown back to that time in the theatre trying not to cry!

This one is a bit more upbeat!

This is a sweet song!

Other Gifts this month

  • Time with my youngest daughter and her little family
  • The beach
  • The ‘winter’ weather
  • Reading some great books
  • Visiting Wildlife HQ with grandson Patrick and seeing him enjoy all the animals
  • Going for long bike rides along the beach and discovering new places
  • Night Noodle Markets in Brisbane’s Botanical Gardens
  • Catching up (twice) with my friend Sue from Women Living Well After 50
  • Seeing a brilliant performance of Jane Eyre at Brisbane’s QPAC

Even for me life had its gleams of sunshine.

Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë
Jane Eyre performance
Jane Eyre performance with Sue and Robyn

What’s your GIFT?

Do you have a superpower or a special gift?

One of my friends commented recently that ‘sunshine suits me’ and I must admit I am a huge fan of warmth and sunshine!

Thanks very much for stopping by and for making me smile. I always appreciate your visits and your comments 🙂

You can find my co-host’s WOTY posts here – we’re hoping you can join us! If you have a Word of the Year and have written a post about it, this is the place to share.

Deb xx

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Everyone has a story to tell! Deb is a young-at-heart & active 60+ blogger/retiree, after being made redundant from her 22-year career managing education programs in a men’s correctional centre (jail). She now spends her time reading, blogging, riding her ebike and travelling. Deb was awarded a Bravery Award from the Queen when she was 17 after a tragic accident – a definite life changing moment! She is married with 3 grown-up daughters & has 4 grandchildren. She never imagined being Granny Debs would bring so much joy to her life! You can read more of Deb’s story here

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51 Replies to “The Gift of Sunshine #WOTY”

  1. You are sunshine Deb! I’m so happy you could come North to see your family and spend time with Patrick who is so cute! It was a gift to me that we could catch up, not once but twice in the time you’ve been here. Thank you for brightening my Friday morning and also for being a fabulous co-host of #WOTY. I love all the photos and it is such a feel good post so thank you! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, Deb – Sunshine is an amazing gift. I love how you have threaded that throughout this post – in your words, your photos (especially in Sue’s hair) and in the music pieces that you have selected. I agree that time with family and grandchildren is one of the best gifts at all.
    Thank you for sharing them all with us. Wishing you more sunshine as you return home!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Donna, I love the light in the photos of Sue and me 🙂 It was such a good time in the sunshine and warmth but home now adjusting to the change in temps.


  3. Hello Deb. Sunshine is a beautiful gift indeed…and of course the opportunity to spend time with your grandson and a good friend. Here’s to another month of gifts!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love all the photos and wow –
    The one with the Brisbane smelters has a lot of cranes ! A city on the grow for sure !

    And how cool to see a performance of Jane Eyre with friends – what a gift indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sunshine is your middle name I reckon. My parents as dad retired, spent 2 months each Winter on the Gold Coast where Mum (hated the cold) could sit in sunny spots in the Burleigh Heads apartment and read. She and Dad had many friends who had retired up there too so there were many friendship catch ups. The weather plays such a role in how we feel and you already know you are better with “added warmth and sun” but also now, as I see with family & friends too. A lovely lovely post and yes to the memories of Your Are My Sunshine! Thanks for the link up. The photo with you and Sue emanates with love! Denyse

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Denyse, I like to think I have some sunshine in me, did you realise it was you who gave me the impetus to go with the gift of sunshine in one of your previous comments 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi Deb – I loved all your bright sunshine-y photos (and all that blue sky!) We’ve had lots of steady rain and cloudy days for the last couple of weeks, but the sun is out today and it’s such a delight – so I know exactly why you would consider it a gift to be with family and to have sunny days as an added bonus.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Deb. It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful time in Queensland, enjoying sunshine, and time with your family. I think it’s so important to appreciate the gifts in life, instead of focusing on our troubles, when life throws us a curve ball. Thank you for sharing this uplifting post! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Christina, it really was a fun time away with family. Gifts come in all sizes and it’s a good way of looking at the positives in my life by focussing on the gifts. Glad you enjoyed my post, thanks so much 🙂


  8. Debbie, Thank you for sharing this lovely post with us at #weekendcoffeeshare. Time with family and friends in the sunshine is certainly one of the best gifts. I hope you get sunny days when you return home.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Natalie, it’s been sunny since we got home but with very low temperatures,. but that’s winter for you!! Crisp and invigorating are the words I’d use 🙂


    1. I have enjoyed having a WOTY for ages now and it really does help me stay focussed and I end up making the most of it!! Glad you enjoyed my post – thanks 🙂


  9. Hmm, my calendar says that next Thursday is the last of the month (the 30th)! Anyway, your list of gifts not to take for granted is so important… the photos of your family/friend get-togethers look fantastic too. I’m just back home after a couple of weeks in Sweden, seeing family and friends. Good times! Even better if my husband hadn’t dragged home Covid in the meantime…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Susanne, it gets confusing because we are working with both Canadian and Australian bloggers and we go with the last Friday of the month for these posts in Aus which is your Thursday! So pleased to hear of your travels but not the pesky Covid germs!


  10. I really enjoyed this “spin” on gratitude. It’s one thing to be grateful for everything you’ve talked, and another to think about them as gifts. Lovely. I’m going to think about that on my daily gratitude listing I love how you’ve really embraced your WOTY!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. So good Deb. I love all your “Sunshiny” photos. They made me smile. I feel like I’ve been stagnant when it comes to my WOTY…maybe because I’m not being as intentional with it as I should or am not paying much attention. Hmmm…things to ponder

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kirstin, I’m glad I made you smile with my sunshine shots. It was a lovely break away from normality for us. Sometimes our WOTY do that to us, it will come back to you at some stage I’m sure.


  12. Sorry for being so late this week Deb. I had distractions.
    You called out so many things that I too am grateful for.
    We don’t have grand kiddos yet, but our oldest and DIL have an agenda that includes starting their family so our fingers are crossed.
    Also our youngest has announced that he now has a girl-friend, which is huge for him. He’s turning 26 next month and never expressed an interest in dating but always had lots of “interested friends”. . . Okay, this gal – I can’t wait to meet.
    And meet, we shall. They are making the 9 hour drive up early next month so we can all meet over a meal near our river cabin and a big game of bocce ball.
    My wife and I can’t wait.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Gary, it is definitely a sense of gratitude and making sure I understand the simple things are what I appreciate the most. Hope your visit goes well!


  13. In-person meets with friends are a gift. I don’t think it needs to be an extravagant trip with lots of activities. It could be something simple such as going out to dinner or coffee or even at their house.

    Liked by 1 person

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