Red telephone boxes take on a new life


It’s Wednesday again and I’m delighted to share these repurposed red telephone boxes as captured on my recent trip to England.

I was really taken with the various ways they have been recycled. Apparently phone box use has dropped something like 96%, due to most people using mobiles these days. There are probably lots more ways they’re being used, I know some are little libraries, but these were the ones I spotted while out and about.

To me they’re a quintessential English thing and I’m glad they didn’t just knock them all down when usage dropped. The flower boxes made me smile and added so much colour, just like the gorgeous hanging baskets everywhere.

The defibrillator use is particularly clever and there are over 1000 of these across the country.

Then there was this one, which was an actual phone box, but it’s not red! What the???

An actual phone box but not red
An actual phone box but it’s not red!

What’s your favourite look for these telephone boxes? Can you guess mine?

Glastonbury in bloom phone box
Glastonbury in bloom phone box


I’ve made Wednesdays a day for sharing some amazing moments and you’re welcome to join in #wakeupandbeamazingwednesday. It doesn’t have to be big things that take my fancy, it can be simple like repurposed red telephone boxes, but the way I see it, looking for the amazing in a day is always a positive way to see the world.

I’m also joining Denyse for her Wednesday’s Words & Pics linkup – come and join in – she’s pretty amazing too!

Have a great day – and don’t forget, you’re amazing!

Deb 🙂

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40 Replies to “Red telephone boxes take on a new life”

  1. Hi Deb – wow those look beautiful! My favourite are obviously the flower box ones but I think the defibrillator ones are a very good idea and I love the sound of the library ones too! Hope you’re having a good week! xo

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  2. These are fantastic Deb (love the idea about using them for defibrilators). They remind me of the cows etc that get painted with different themes and pop up everywhere. It’s recycling at its best in this case 🙂

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  3. Hi Deb. How encouraging, and inspiring to share amazing moments on Wednesdays. I’ll definitely be up for joining you. I love the red phone booths, and I’m glad to see them being repurposed. I would love to find them loaded with good books. xxx

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  4. They are so cheerful those red phone boxes…and you covered them well in your recent travels. Now, sadly, the current ones look like ours here which you see in some places. A fact I didn’t know if that they are free to use now, no longer have to find coins etc. Fun fact, from my teenage years, we would call Mum/Dad from the red phone box in Balgowlah using the absolute minimum payment, and start walking down (we lived in a very hilly place) the street, towards home in the hope they’d arrive to pick us up. Recently I read it was the first of its type in Australia..I remember too, using pennies in it. And its still there!! Thanks for lovely shout out for the link up too. Thank you for joining in this new weekly link up of mine. Looking forward to catching up with you when you next do so, for Wednesday’s Words & Pics. Warm wishes,

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    1. Thanks Denyse, they really made me smile seeing all the colour and creative ways they’ve been recycled. Yes phone boxes these days are free, unlike back in the ‘old’ days! I remember Grant found a phone that was free when we were going out and he was teaching miles away, so we made good use of that one for quite some time!


  5. I’m on holiday in a remote part of the Lake District in England and I was expecting the old red telephone box to have been turned into something special, but sadly it’s just a disused telephone box! My friend in Dorset turned hers into a miniature library. Thanks for linking!

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