Taking Stock from A-Z #WWandPics

Welcome to Taking Stock #7/2022

The way I approach these Taking Stock posts, is to write a response to the prompt without giving it too much thought, so be aware it’s usually the first thing that pops into my head. It helps to keep my brain nimble and stops me from overthinking!

Starting in February this year, I’ve been trying to do a Taking Stock post every few months and I’m alternating the Taking Stock prompts – last month I used the original prompts and today I’ve switched back to the A-Z prompts from Denyse – it keeps life interesting!

Let’s get into it!

It’s fair to say that the past few months, since we returned from our fabulous month of summer in England, haven’t been very warm or dry. I’m not one to complain much and I do try to stay positive, but I’m getting close to screaming at the weather gods. I never thought I’d say the words ‘hottest summer this year was spent in England’ but there I’ve said it!

Australia it seems is experiencing another La Nina event where we get above average rainfall in northern and eastern Australia during spring and summer. Yep that’s what’s been happening here where we live, with soo much rain and cold temps, while my daughter in Queensland is complaining about temperatures of 35 celcius already. We’ve had to put the fire on (yes in November) and luckily my winter woolies aren’t too far away.

Admiring: Those who have the optimism to show bare legs in shorts when it’s only in the low teens – yes it’s spring but it’s not warm!

Becoming: A bit cranky with being cold all the time and unable to walk through the paddocks without knee high gum boots.

Curious: When will we spot the first Hot Cross buns in the shops?

Delighted: When the sun makes an appearance and it’s warm.

Excited: It’s getting close to my birthday.

Feeling: A bit over all the Black Friday sales and advertising.

Going: Really well on my 3 month self imposed fitness and healthy eating challenge. I can see the finish line (my birthday).

Helping: Family members in whatever way I can.

Imploring: People to be kind.

Joking: Christmas doesn’t start until my birthday is over 🙂

December Birthday
December Birthday – if you’re one of us you know what I mean!

Knowing: There are people suffering due to the flooding around the country. My heart goes out to them.

Loving: The difference I feel (and see) in my body.

Making: Lists and more lists.

Next: My birthday!! Have I mentioned that already??

another birthday - image by Rosie did a thing
another birthday – image by Rosie did a thing

Observing: The amount of water pouring over Paddys River Falls – the noise was deafening!

Posting: Presents for family overseas.

Questioning: What makes a book a good read – in my latest What’s on your Bookshelf post (WOYBS)

Reading: The Torrent by Australian author Dinuka McKenzie – it was a recommendation from Janine in her recent WOYBS post – thanks Janine!

Staying: Warm! One shouldn’t need coats, beanie and gloves in mid-November!

Mid November weather should be warmer than this
Mid November weather should be warmer than this

Trying: To get excited with the news that Aqua Aerobics is starting next week – hopefully the weather improves.

Understanding: The importance of World Prematurity Day (November 17) – words and images from Melanie, my daughter in England, with my precious 3 year-old granddaughter Dottie (Facebook post).

1 in 13 babies in the UK are born premature (before 37 weeks). This was our Dottie arriving at 25 weeks and 2 days and a mere 1lb 14oz (845grams)

Whilst her arrival and subsequent time in NICU was possibly the most confronting time of our lives we were supported amazingly by family, friends and the amazing NICU staff at both Southmead and Taunton.

Hard to believe she’s the same little baby at times but then you see her determination, impatience, grit and sass and we’re reminded that’s what got her through it. She’s an absolute wonder and we’ll forever marvel at how far she’s come.

Viewing: The amazing rainbow we saw on our way out the other night and capturing it with this sculpture by Norton Flavel – at Johansen Wines, part of the Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail.

Rainbow and sculpture
Rainbow and sculpture – pot of gold at this house I’m thinking!

Welcoming: Christmas holiday plans with family – coming up soon!

X (our choice): The gift of two sister visits in one week – more to come on Friday in my Word of the Year (WOTY) post

Yes: Saying yes to dinner invitations.

Z – (our choice): Recently Zachary enjoyed some quiet creative time with Granny and his big sister.

creative quiet time
creative quiet time

How about you?

Are you going along OK?

How would you answer any one these prompts?

I always enjoy doing these posts and I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Have a great week.

Deb xx

Joining Denyse for her weekly Wednesday’s Words and Pics #WWandpics linkup.

Denyse’s Wednesday Words and Pics

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36 Replies to “Taking Stock from A-Z #WWandPics”

  1. Loved this post Debbie – – lol Five of the first six answers could have come out of my mouth….. plus one or two others😊. I enjoy book posts for the opportunity to try out what others have recommended. As far as the prompts go….I’m an overthinker and would be there all day adding and subtracting.

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  2. Hi Deb – I always enjoy your bright and positive taking stock posts. The weather has certainly been tempestuous over East – and even here in the West we’re alternating between rain and sunshine when it’s almost Summer. Enjoy the lead up to your birthday and those photos of Dottie reminded me of the rollercoaster of her birth and subsequent months – quite a journey indeed to that smiling girl in the second pic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Leanne, taking stock posts are always fun! It’s certainly been quite a journey with Dottie but she is doing really well and is just so sweet, I love her to bits.


  3. Hi Deb my sons birthday was yesterday. I was never able to start my Xmas shopping until after his birthday.My grandson was born on Xmas Day so he would understand what you mean. Dollies looks so vibrant and healthy. My nephew was born 22 years ago at 26 weeks so I get the worry you had. Another great Taking Stock post Deb

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Debs – I love your taking stock posts. They are always a great reminder to me to reflect on what I’ve been up to and what I’m grateful for, plus I like hearing what you have been up to! Your activities are always inspirational. Dotty sounds like such a blessing and the work our medical practitioners perform around the world is always humbling. Thank you so much for the shout out too – I hope you are enjoying the book. And happy forthcoming birthday- I hope you have big plans!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s lovely to hear you also enjoy the Taking Stock posts Janine. I really enjoyed The Torrent and will keep an eye out for her next book. Thanks again for the recommendation. No plans for my birthday just yet but I’m sure I’ll do something to mark the day.


  5. Well done on your healthy eating challenge Deb. I’ve just started the same. Some kg’s have crept up on me since I’ve been spending so much time living over with Mum & my routine went out the window. I love that photo of you in the orange beanie! Hard to believe it’s so cold where you are when, like your daughter said, here in Brisbane, Qld we’ve had 35 degree days! I actually prefer the cold (sorry!). It’s fabulous to see how healthy and well Dottie is looking! I feel for you having a birthday in December. I have a friend whose birthday is on Christmas Day! I always send them a Happy Birthday message with no mention of it being Xmas Day! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to hear you are also embarking on a health challenge Min, it’s sometimes needed but you’ve had a particularly hard time lately so don’t beat yourself up ! The photo was a fun one taken over the weekend and I love wearing my orange beanie – just not in November! We are going north for Christmas and looking forward to some warmer weather. Birthdays on Christmas day would not be fun!


  6. I’m so sorry to hear about the bad weather you’re having! We’ve gone over to normal November weather which is like 7 degrees, and everything from heavy showers to really nice days. I can totally relate to everything you said about being cranky when it isn’t as warm as it should be for the season, and similar.

    It’s heartbreaking to see Dottie as a newborn.. but lovely to see that happy healthy-looking girl she’s become.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your kind comment Susanne. Dottie is doing really well now but we never forget how she started life in such a precarious way. Our weather is set to improve so I’m looking forward to that!


  7. I said I do one of these a few weeks ago and still haven’t. Really must get one in before xmas. I hadn’t realised Dottie was premie. And I guess that’s the mircle, that after the danger zone, you really can’t tell! And the floods have really upset me. You can give thru Givit and I found some people in Eugowra who are collecting to help on the ground (no tax deduction with them, but I somehow trust it to get to the right people more than the official ones). And it just seems to be one town subsides and another is flooded. There is a BOLD book that I heard about – I will find it and see if you’ve read it. #WWandP

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a fun way to collate a few thoughts Lydia and I always enjoy doing them. Yes Dottie was VERY early at 25 weeks so she’s done really well. I love a BOLD book 🙂


  8. So much to love in this post Deb and always a great way to reflect on life. December birthdays are difficult because the Festive season now starts in November it seems and that is all everyone is focussed on. My children’s father has his birthday on Christmas Day but we always try to make sure Happy Birthday is sung at some point. You’ve done so well with your health and fitness project and I can certainly see the difference. Have a great December and can you believe 2023 is only about 5 weeks away! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thanks very much Sue, I agree these posts are a great way to reflect on what’s been happening. The health project has been well worth doing and I am lucky to have you as a cheerleader along the way.


  9. Great answers Debbie, need lots of thought
    I’ve picked two
    Excited to be going to Hong Kong next week after three years and Feeling anxious about all the tests and forms we have to fill in to get there!
    Dottie looks like she’s thriving, it’s amazing what is happening today with all the medical knowledge that is out there

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow Ali, hope your trip to Hong Kong goes well, you’re probably there now! Dottie is going well and is such a delight. I’m very impressed with medical knowledge these days, you never know what is around or going to happen.


  10. Oh so it’s your birthday in…..when?? LOL. We had kind of rules about putting up trees and decorations “around my birthday” weekend – last day of Nov, and for my parents, way back it was around Mum’s bday 6 Dec. This year, we have put token stuff up because I did not want to do a re-pack as there is so much of that already here. We are (fingers and toes crossed) driving to our daughter’s house for Christmas lunch…last time I did it alone in 2019, and the last 2 years covid spoilt it. We are carrying precious cargo, the grandkids rocking horse made by B is going ‘home’ to our daughter’s place. As for Miss D and prematurity, she sure is a positive story along with her parents too. Not to mention grandparents who live away from them. Thanks for using the A-Z prompts, I was really chuffed when Pip Lincoln used them recently. Glad all is going well with your self directed health challenges and you feel better. Thank you for sharing your post for Wednesday’s Words and Pics. It is great to have you be a part of this blogging community each week. Denyse.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Denyse, I always enjoy these posts as they help me clarify what’s important and what’s going on. I’ll continue into 2023 I’m thinking. I do hope you manage to get the special cargo to Sydney for Christmas as planned. I’m glad you had a good birthday mine is getting ever closer….

      Liked by 1 person

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