Exploring JOY – Week 2 of #Bloganuary

Bloganuary 2023

Thanks for joining me for Week 2 of Bloganuary 2023.

As I said in my recent post What Brings Me Joy?, I’m trying to look at each day’s Bloganuary prompts, think about them and then write a quick weekly recap post instead of a daily one. (I rarely follow the rules )


What’s Bloganuary all about?

Bloganuary is a daily prompt from WordPress, helping to serve as inspiration for blog content that day or at a later date. It’s fun and there’s no need to commit to posting every day but it can help sometimes to use the prompts provided.

Bloganuary prompts for Week 2 : Day 6 to Day 12

Note: Due to being in Australia I get the daily email with the prompt a day later so my posts reflect that. I actually started my Bloganuary on 2 January, hopefully that makes sense.

bloganuary featured image
Bloganuary by WordPress

Day 6: Why do you write?

My thoughts on writing have been pretty much the same all the way through my 10 years of blogging.

That’s the question that I often get asked, as non-bloggers just don’t get it.  I write for myself, to record events, thoughts, moments, stories and to express myself whether it be through photos or words.   I enjoy thinking of things to share, responding to comments, engaging with others and it gives me a purpose.

This is a big question and every blogger has a different answer. These are just a few of my thoughts from a talk I did at my local library.

  • It’s fun and gives me joy, makes me feel alive and included.
  • It has made me more observant.
  • It allows me to leave a legacy behind – my grandchildren may learn more about me through my words in my blog in future years.  One of my daughters loves reading my posts as she always learns something new about me.
  • Gives me a sense of purpose.
  • I feel relevant – being made redundant was an awful feeling after so long in a rewarding role.
  • I don’t want to fade away and become invisible as can so often happen as women age.
  • I enjoy finding and belonging to a community of like-minded people all over the world. 
  • I like to discuss important things with others.
  • To challenge myself.
  • I get to use the creative side of my brain.
  • I get to escape into other people’s worlds.
  • To experience life through the eyes of others and share my world at the same time.
  • I like to think I can inspire others to do something that pushes them.
  • I love to promote Tumbarumba whenever I can.
  • It’s a form of therapy for me.

I appreciate all my followers and thank everyone who has ever left me a comment or liked a post.  You just never know what affect your words can have on others.

Library Information Week in Tumbarumba
Library Information Week in Tumbarumba

Day 7: Write a short story or poem about RAIN.

I wrote this poem in 2016 when I was doing a regular ‘magnetic poem‘ challenge. Creative and fun!

rain magnetic poem
Rain magnetic poem

Day 8: How far back in your family tree can you go?

My mother has done lots of our family history on both her and my father’s side. It seems we have a variety of nationalities including English, Scottish, French and Aboriginal. It’s an interesting exercise and I often wish I could time travel to find out more.

My husband has been busy doing his family history for many years and it can become quite addictive!

Day 9: Most memorable gift?

I’ve been lucky to receive lots of great gifts over the years but the best ones have been when my daughters have flown home from overseas to surprise me for a milestone birthday. I didn’t expect them to come home and they did everything to keep it a surprise! I loved being able to spend time with them and was very surprised 🙂

For my 60th we couldn’t get together due to Covid so they had this picture made for me. It now hangs on my bedroom wall where I can see it as soon as I wake up!

My lovely daughters had this made for me
My lovely daughters had this made for me for my 60th birthday

Day 10 : Has a book changed your life?

Not one book, but many books have changed my life and continue to do so – mainly ones with interesting female characters. From my younger years these featured highly: Anne of Green Gables, Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Seven Little Australians, Little Women, Pastures of the Blue Crane, Rebecca…you get the drift!

Day 11: How do you define success?

I think this sunflower growing towards the sun has to take the cake for success and resilience! It started off in a different location in the garden and obviously had trouble getting the sunshine it needed, so it adapted!

Sunflower showing resilience
Sunflower showing resilience

Day 12: What chore do you find the most challenging to do?

I’ll admit that I’m not a good housekeeper, I do what has to be done when it has to be done, but I’d much rather be out walking, riding my bike, reading a book, or spending time with friends and family. But some things have to be done!

I say I don’t like ironing but it can be therapeutic when I get going. I must admit I don’t iron much these days and mainly as it’s needed but it can be a good way to listen to an audiobook or do some thinking.

I was once involved with a Guinness World Record attempt where a local ‘Iron Lady’ Jan Hastings, took on the challenge of ironing her way into the record books. She did 80 hours of non-stop ironing with many locals providing the clothes for her to iron and with teams of people supporting her throughout the ordeal. It was a wonderful experience and the record held for a short while! I ended up buying one of the donated irons (not used in the challenge) and still use it today!

This week’s JOYS

This week the things that have brought me joy have been:

  • a new summer dress
  • hot summer weather
  • time reading in the hammock
  • aqua aerobics sessions at the local pool – and it’s free
  • celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary with lunch out at a local cafe
  • a long bike ride with friends
  • exercising every day
  • plunging into the gardening (for a short while)
  • a fabulous massage
  • crossing things off my to-do list

Well that was fun – I’m enjoying my weekly update of the prompts rather than a daily post.

How would you answer any of these prompts?

Are you participating in Bloganuary, daily or otherwise?

Happy Friday 🙂

Deb x

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19 Replies to “Exploring JOY – Week 2 of #Bloganuary”

  1. Great answers to all the prompts Debbie. My word of the year is motivate but I’ve yet to find the motivation to motivate myself 😂
    Maybe because it still feels like I’m still on holiday with Laurence still here. I loved Rebecca too.
    I probably spend more time commenting on posts than I do writing them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That made me smile Ali – finding the motivation to motivate yourself! I know what you mean about spending more time commenting on blogs than writing them 🙂 I must say I heartily appreciate your comments so don’t stop!!


  2. Your posts always give me something to think about or reminisce over. I had a magnetic poetry set and then it disappeared before I ever really got to use it. Would really like to have one again. But then would I play with it or just look at it!!

    I keep seeing folks referring to Bloganuary. But didn’t know what it was. Thank you for explaining it. I appreciate your responses to why you blog. I get so bogged down in LIFE sometimes that I think walking completely away from blogging would make life a little easier. But I miss it when I am away. I miss writing, taking pictures, sharing. And I miss the blogging community. Hoping this year I can blog a little more regularly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh many thanks for your lovely comment Leslie, it’s so good to have you join me., The post also reminded me of things like the magnetic photo challenge, the ironing lady, and finding the simple joys in daily life 🙂


  3. Hi Deb – I love the overview approach – you can write as little or as much as you fancy, cover the prompts, and not drown your readers in daily posts – I think you win the bloganuary crown (certainly in my book anyway). xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lovely to share these life changing books with you Donna 🙂 It’s fun responding to the daily prompts on a weekly basis and exploring the joys to be had, like the memory of the Ironing Lady from all those years ago. Great having you following along xx

      Liked by 1 person

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