A colour dilemma #SundayStills

Metallic Red

That’s the official colour of my e-bike but I’m not convinced. To me it’s more a burnished brown or a rusty red. It has a nice sheen on it in the sunlight and an almost autumnal colour feel to it.

Eddie (short for Edwina)
Eddie (short for Edwina)

I needed to choose a name for my bike and tried going down the colour route – like Rusty or Brownie but they didn’t do it for me. Ruby red it definitely wasn’t.

I was a bit concerned the colour wasn’t right for me but my friends all said it was perfect, and this word ‘perfect’ kept coming up. As in perfect colour, perfect bike for me, perfect style, perfect riding position (more upright), perfectly elegant!

My sister suggested the name ‘perfect’ as that was a common theme, and that made me think of Eddie Perfect an Australian comedian (just for the name). So I decided my bike would be Eddie and because she’s so elegant and stylish (like her rider) I went with Eddie as being short for Edwina 🙂 Can you see how my mind works?? My husband just rolled his eyes (again!).

Deb and her bike Eddie
Deb and her bike Eddie

I often ride into town to do lots of little jobs, rather than drive my car, and always seem to get comments on how nice my bike is, how sleek it looks and how stylish it is, like an old fashioned ‘ladies bike’ but the good thing is that it’s got power too! The trip into town is all downhill but that means the ride home is all uphill, that’s where the power in my bike comes in handy.

I went to our local cafe for morning tea and read through the paper. I had pulled my bike up to the table (out of everyone’s way), so in some ways it looked like I was having morning tea with Eddie. And there on the front page of the local paper was yours truly with my friend Cathy, presenting a gift to the 50000th person past our counter on the Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail. This was a significant event and we celebrated with friends and supporters with cake and a picnic at the track head.

Morning tea with my bike
Morning tea with my bike

Reds from the archives

Here’s a range of red photos straight from the archives.

Hearts ❤️️

Because Valentine’s Day is coming up here’s some love from me ❤️️

Sunday Stills Photo Challenge

Terri, from Second Wind Leisure, hosts Sunday Stills photo challenge, with the prompt this week being a colour one – Red. There are many things that are red but these are just a few that came to mind and I had photos to share.

You can read Terri’s post here: Are You Ready for Red?

Feel free to join in, it’s a fun challenge open to everyone with a different prompt each week!

What’s your take on the colour ‘red‘?

Have a great week!

Deb x

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36 Replies to “A colour dilemma #SundayStills”

    1. Thanks Janis, my daughters call me ‘Tumba Famous’ when I’m on the front page of the local rag :). Eddie is a perfect bike for me and we’re getting along just fine!


    1. Eddie is my new best friend Donna :). The local paper doesn’t have a huge readership but it’s always fun to be featured although our committee (guess who?) wrote the story and sent the photos to the paper to see if they wanted to use them, so really they just chose to put us on the front page 🙂 It’s still an awesome achievement though!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Fast Eddie, is what comes to my mind, Debbie! What a great bike and its red hues are so fun to see. I’m in the market for a folding e-bike this spring–our highway is too treacherous for a ride into town! That is also so cool you can hop on Eddie and get some exercise and kill two birds. Congrats on the front page view and the celebration of that milestone. You really live in a great area to have so many activities. See ya tomorrow morning 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes and we are fast too Terri!! I hope you manage to find a folding bike plus I hear you on the busy/dangerous roads. The front page of the paper is always fun and I get teased about the number of times I’ve appeared on it but I’m happy as it’s all promoting our area.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I see Eddie as an “orangey-red” so that fits your orange theme and she co-ordinates well with your wardrobe. I’m glad she brings you so much joy – I find the same thing when I zip off on my scooter for a coffee date and I love it when a stranger says how cool it is 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Leanne, I wasn’t sure about the colour but I knew metallic red just didn’t do it for me :). I think you’re right, the more I look at Eddie the more I see oranges/copper tones. She’s bringing me much joy and exercise as I’m riding everywhere, even rode to bookclub the other day, in a dress and sandals 🙂 I felt very French for some reason! Your scooter is a great source of joy I’m sure.


    1. Yes it’s importnat to have a cup of tea in a chine cup every now and again isn’t it? Thanks for the comment, Eddie is fabulous and we’re very happy together 🙂


  3. I love your red finds. I’m going to link your post to my WQ post with the same color challenge. I’m also linking it to my first Dicken’s Challenge post along with your comment on my intro post. 🙂 Happy Reading!

    Liked by 1 person

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