Why local festivals are Out of this World #SundayStills

Tumbafest Fun – Tumbarumba

Each year we put aside the last weekend in February for Tumbafest – it’s been going since 1997 (26 years) and has grown a whole lot in that time, from very humble beginnings I might add.

Set along the shady banks of the Tumbarumba Creekscape, at Tumbafest you’ll find music from renowned performers filling the air, intermingled with children’s squeals of delight and adults’ relaxed laughter. The festival showcases beautiful, local cool-climate wines and produce, tantalising cuisine and unique handicrafts.

Debbie as a rock chick
Debbie in rock chick mode!

I know I’ve written about Tumbafest before – you can see some of my previous posts here, here and here, it’s always such a great weekend I can’t help but write about it again.

Family Tumba-festing

This year for the first time we had two of our daughters come home for Tumbafest weekend with their husbands and children. We had a VERY full house and it was brilliant fun!

Tumbafest is a celebration of all our area has to offer, wine, gin, cider, music and food. There are opportunities for locals to have food and market stalls, there’s a duck race as a fundraiser in the creek running through the festival grounds, there’s music, and free activities for the kids plus carnival rides at a price.

This year there was a Bubble Lady wandering through the festival with kids of all ages chasing her amazing bubbles, there was a hula-hooping artist who also taught the kids some circus tricks, a sandpit for those little ones who just want to dig and free craft activities run by volunteers. In fact most of the festival is run by hard working local volunteers with a paid event coordinator. In the past it was all done by volunteers but in recent years Tumbafest has managed to get grant funding and sponsors to pay for a professional to take overall control.

As we’ve done in the past, we chose our place under the trees a bit away from the main stage area and crowds, taking advantage of the family friendly furniture, rugs and yard games available nearby. We all wandered away from time to time to catch up with friends, listen to the bands, look at the market stalls or get some food and drink. It was a very pleasant way to spend a weekend!

The whole idea of Tumbafest is to enjoy time with friends, listen to some live music, dance in the grassy mosh pit (if the music speaks to you), try some local wines, gins or cider and have a relaxing time. The creekscape area behind the main street shops and the park is fenced off and tickets are required for everyone to enter. No alcohol can be taken in but food is allowed, the markets are a separate area which is open the public (no ticket required) but there are security officers ensuring people don’t get into Tumbafest without the relevant wristband/ticket. I snapped up early bird tickets back in October for all our family, even the young ones need a ticket but it’s free for 17 and under. The gates open around 10am and close at 7ish. It’s a full weekend of fun and out of this world for our little town to get thousands of visitors celebrating our beautiful area and what it has to offer. The weather was spectacular this year.

The headline acts this year included The Living End who were brilliant, they even had me up and dancing!

One of Australia’s most ferocious live acts, their blistering live performances have earned the band an enviable position of one of Australia’s greatest live bands. Source

The Mighty Yak (we saw this band one year at Tumbafest and ended up having them for my daughter’s wedding, so we always have to get up and dance when they’re on, even if it is at 11am on a Sunday morning!), Pierce Brothers, Travis Collins and Bjorn Again and many more!

They were all brilliant and had everyone up dancing and singing along!

My facebook post summed it up: Another fabulous Tumbafest weekend – family, fun, great music, perfect weather, dancing, bubbles, hula hooping, craft, rides and lots of laughs. The Living End, Mighty Yak and Bjorn Again had us all up dancing.

Enlighten Festival – Canberra

The next weekend I was in Canberra for the night on my way to Brisbane so my daughter and granddaughter took me out to see some of the Enlighten events.

Enlighten 2023
Enlighten 2023

Another weekend, another festival!

Enlighten Canberra is an outdoor annual art and cultural festival held in Canberra, Australia featuring illuminating light installations and projections, performances from local and interstate musicians, a short film festival and the Canberra Balloon Spectacular. 

We had a picnic with some little friends, ate some yummy things from food vans and enjoyed the light installations around the Parliamentary Triangle area, when the sun finally set. It’s a free event suitable for families but just a heads up, food and drink aren’t free, and it runs from March 3-19.

Seeing the buildings all lit up is always special and very clever. We visited Old Parliament House and had a great time following a trail (an activity to engage the young ones) and played dress-ups. It was really well done and engaging.

Out of this world means ‘extremely good or impressive’ and I can assure you both these festivals were a perfect example of that.

Sunday Stills Photo Challenge

Terri, from Second Wind Leisure, hosts Sunday Stills photo challenge, with the prompt this week being :Out of This World.

You can read Terri’s post here: Out of This World and see her wonderful examples of what’s been out of this world for her.

Feel free to join in, it’s a fun challenge open to everyone with a different prompt each week! I’m also joining in with Denyse for her Wednesday’s Words and Pics.


So why are local festivals so much fun? I think it’s because of the creativity, the engaging nature of the activities, the fun element and finally, it’s who you’re with that makes it even more enjoyable.

Have a great week!

Deb x

All my Sunday Stills posts can be found here – yes I’ve been doing these for a while and enjoy the challenge it gives me each week!

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Debbie in rock chick mode

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39 Replies to “Why local festivals are Out of this World #SundayStills”

  1. You really do live in a lovely area. Such a vibrant community spirit! The festivals look like they were so much fun and I love that you were able to spend time with your family – it sounds like there was something for all ages.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes Deb, it has something for all ages and styles. If you don’t like one band you just chat with friends and wait for the next ones to come on! We always enjoy the community spirit of Tumbafest and our girls and grandkids had a ball!


  2. How wonderful Deb. I agree that local festivals are so much fun and always bring a community together, not to mention bringing people in from far and wide. A bit like our annual Hurstbridge Wattle Festival, my old hometown. Tumbafest looks like it was a blast and Canberra, wow, all lit up. Great post Deb.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Miriam, you’d love Tumbafest so maybe put it in your diary for one year!! Canberra does a great job at Enlighten and last year I went up in a balloon with my daughter for the Balloon Festival, so much fun.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Both events look like a lot of fun Deb – but Tumbafest tops it for me – I love a good set of markets in a beautiful location and some great food and music to top it off – mix that in with lots of people to catch up with and it sounds like a fabulous weekend (oh and great weather too – win/win!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Leanne, it was fabulous having some of the family here for Tumbafest this year and celebrating Patrick’s 3rd birthday as well. It was perfect weather which is always a bit of a concern for an outdoor festival! The markets were good but there were lots of earring stalls for some reason 🙂


    1. Thanks Donna, we are fortunate to live here and love the community spirit that allows events like this to happen. It really is a beautiful place with so much natural beauty. You’re welcome to visit anytime!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I think local festivals are the life-blood of small and medium-sized communities, Debbie! Not only are they fun, different, and offer out-of-this-world fun and culture, but they center neighbors and family and simply celebrate the good things in life! Gorgeous post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Terri, I enjoyed writing about our local festivals and sharing my thoughts. You’re right, it’s all about the community and friend and family which makes it all a great celebration.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Your home festival looked really good fun and very professional! What a beautiful setting along the creek. I love that they did duck racing – it is very popular at village fetes in Somerset UK.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s always so much fun Janine, I love sharing it all. The Duck Races are so popular and a great fundraiser for local sporting clubs. One year the water level was low it nearly didn’t happen. I didn’t know it was a popular thing to do in Somerset, I’ll ask around when I’m there in a few months and might keep an eye out for them 🙂


  6. Tumbafest looks and sounds fabulous Deb. It’s great when a community gets behind an event that is inclusive of all and brings the locals and visitors together. Canberra also looks great. Perhaps a bit quieter than Tumbafest. How great does Old Parliament House look? I love that beautiful old building.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. These do seem like great events, Deb, especially Tumbafest. I’m glad your family got to participate with you. It looks like you had so much fun. And the photos are so colorful! Maybe because we are still caught up in winter here, the bright colors really appeal to me.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Gosh that looked like such fun and how inclusive too. No doubt about it, motivated and organised country areas/towns do this so well. A real sense of community and ownership. After the years of ‘no celebrations’ in many places, including yours, because of covid, this one seemed to have an extra spring in its step. Loved the Canberra one too. A feast for the senses! So pleased to see your blog post for this week’s Wednesday’s Words and Pics. Looking forward to next week if you are sharing a post then. Thank you for being part of the WWandP community. Denyse.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so late replying to comments Denyse but I’ve got a good excuse!! Our local community works well together and it was great to celebrate Patrick’s birthday down here this year as part of our Tumbafest celebrations.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Hi Debbie, your Tumbafest looks like so much fun and that area alongside the river looks so picturesque! And look at the sky! You got gorgeous weather which is fabulous! xo

    Liked by 1 person

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