Travel Anticipation

Anticipation is one of the most exciting feelings in the world. It’s the rush of adrenaline that you get when you know you’re about to embark on a journey with new experiences waiting to be explored. The anticipation of travel always fills me with excitement and wonder.

But sometimes little things also fill me with excitement, a delivery I’ve been expecting, a message from a friend or an upcoming day out with friends.

One of the best things about travel anticipation is the planning process. Deciding on dates, routes, airlines, activities, and booking flights and accommodation can be a thrilling experience and also, if I’m honest, a bit nerve wracking, maybe it’s this thrill that helps with the anticipation levels?

Travel is 90% anticipation and 10% recollection.

Edward Streeter

But travel anticipation isn’t just about the planning process. It’s also about the daydreaming that comes with it. The excitement of imagining what it will be like to be back basking in the joy of being with my daughter and granddaughter, to go riding in different areas, to enjoy another spring/summer in a different hemisphere, explore historic places (we’ve joined The National Trust again in anticipation of visiting many properties) and to see old friends.

These daydreams allow me to escape my daily routines and experience a sense of being on the cusp of freedom and adventure. (I know I’m retired and have all day at my disposal but I still like the feeling of being on holidays, it’s completely different). Despite being 62 and having an almost 40-year-old daughter I’m still able to kickstart that sense of adventure that travelling brings 🙂

The main points of our upcoming trip:

  • We are travelling from Australia to England in mid May, basing ourselves in Cheddar, a rural countryside area in Somerset) for almost 2 months. It’s ‘home’ to us as we lived there for a year 30 years ago when the Mathematician did a Teacher Exchange and we all went along for the ride!
  • We’re mainly going to see our daughter, son-in-law and 3 year old granddaughter Dottie. (We were over there for a month in August 2022 to help celebrate Dottie’s 3rd birthday. Prior to that we hadn’t seen the family since January 2020 due to covid restrictions and border closures). Living a long way away from grandchildren is VERY hard at times!
  • The reason we decided to return so soon after our trip last year is that our daughter Melanie is turning 40 (I know!!!) and is having an Aussie themed party shortly after we arrive. We’ll get the prize for travelling the furtherest!
  • Other plans so far include our Scottish friends Mary and Forbes coming to visit us for a few days, other friends birthday parties and a week camping in Cornwall.
  • We plan to go away for a few days of riding here and there and will probably hire bikes for longer trips.
  • We’re staying in the same fabulous cottage we were in last year, The Nook, at the bottom of Cheddar Gorge, as it’s just perfect for us and is nearby to my daughter’s place. Dottie still calls it ‘Granny’s House’ when she goes by 🙂
  • We aren’t planning to hire a car as we know we can walk or ride my daughter’s bikes everywhere in the village. We know our way around and aren’t averse to catching buses or trains.
  • It’s going to be warmer than home as they’re into spring/summer and Tumbarumba is heading into winter. I do like escaping winter!

In the end, travel anticipation is all about the excitement of the unknown. It’s about the thrill of trying new things, meeting old friends, and new people, and exploring new places. So, I’m going to embrace the feeling of anticipation, let it inspire me, and get ready to embark on another journey of a lifetime. When all’s said and done, you have to make the moments count, not count the moments.

To the BIG question – am I taking carry-on only this time?

As you may know, last year for our month away, I only took carry-on luggage, that’s 7kg plus a small backpack, and I managed really well. I had loads of fun doing a daily Outfit of the Day post on Instagram and my blog’s Facebook page where I shared my carry-on only outfits. I also wrote a post after we were home summing up my choices and how often I wore things and what I didn’t use. If you missed it, you can read it here: How I travelled to the other side of the world for a month with only carry on luggage.

Carry-on only packing list
My carry-on only packing list

As I said in my wrap-up post last year, I think it might be harder in cooler weather as clothes tend to be heavier and more options are needed, but with planning I think it can be done. BUT, I’m not sure I can do it this trip for various reasons. The weather will certainly be cooler this time around so I have to be prepared. I’m going to try to keep it minimal but I’m not sure I can manage it for 2 months plus I have a dress up outfit to take for my daughter’s birthday party and gifts! I’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy the anticipation and preparation of a trip – it’s all part of travelling, and not just arriving at your destination.

It seems I’m not alone in my anticipation, I found this article in the New York Times that is all about how To Enjoy Life More, Embrace Anticipation, where looking forward to something can be almost as good as experiencing it.

Anticipation doesn’t have to be just about travel, it can be a part of our every day lives. We can get excited about a lot of little things and it seems we are happier when we acknowledge the smallest of things that bring us joy and when we have something to look forward to.

“At the end of every day, write down one thing you’re excited for tomorrow,” she said. “Maybe it’s a new book or getting doughnuts or a package you’re expecting.” The accumulation of these mini-thrills means you’ll still reap the benefits of looking forward to something, even if it’s not a big-ticket reward… Source: From the article listed above.

So for now, I’ll be over here enjoying my anticipation of my impending travels. How about you, what are you anticipating?

Have a lovely day!

Deb 🙂

Linking up with Natalie for her Weekend Coffee Share – it’s been a while!

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68 Replies to “Travel Anticipation”

  1. How exciting! There is nothing better than having an adventure on the horizon. I admit to feeling very rusty with all my planning and am probably worrying about things now that I would not have blinked at pre-Covid. Oh well, only one way to get over those anxieties…get traveling again! 🙂 Mel

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  2. Hi Deb, I am anticipating the birth of my seventh grandchild, hopefully he will be arriving next week and not keeping us waiting for too much longer. I just love grand baby cuteness and cuddles. I wish you all the best and safe travels for your next adventure and hope you get tons of cuddles from your Dottie. (I am sure you will). Look forward to reading all about your explorations. xx

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  3. You must be beyond excited, Deb and getting into countdown mode. I love travelling and the anticipation of exploring new places or even revisiting places you been to before. We have three, yes three, trips planned from now into 2024 and I’m eagerly awaiting them all. I can feel your happiness at seeing the family again. I’m excited for you!!! What would life be like if we didn’t have anticipation. It doesn’t have to be travel it can be as you say a delivery, a birthday, Christmas the looking forward with excitement is there anything better? Such a great post, Deb I really enjoyed reading it and feeling your anticipation.xx

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  4. Love this post Deb – and hope you have a wonderful trip. I’m enjoying my own trip at the moment, and was so excited about it. I think it’s very good for you to have a change of scene, she is much as you can while you’re there.

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  5. Bring some warmth in your tailwind Deb! Yep l love anticipation, too. A trip to the cricket does it! But this year, in August we’re all off to Venice on the Orient Express for the Textiiliste’s *coughty-fifth birthday. Now that has the juices flowing! Enjoy Somerset and if you find yourself in London in need of coffee…!

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    1. I’ll definitely try to bring some warmth Geoff but our autumn is a bit cool at the moment, probably very similar to your spring temps! Your trip to Venice sounds fabulous and something to look forward to. Will definitely contact you if we find ourselves in London but it’s not looking likely at this stage, thanks for the offer 🙂

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  6. Hi Deb – I love how excited you are about the trip – and I think spending time with family is the biggest incentive (along with escaping Winter and being in holiday mode for 2 months!) Maybe you could do carry-on + one big combined suitcase (2/3 Grant and 1/3 your?). I’ll be happily following along vicariously as I have no desire at all to get on a plane any time soon.

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    1. Yes I am excited (a bit) Leanne! Yes we’re looking at our luggage options but I’m thinking I’ll take my mid size suitcase this time. You are welcome to follow along vicariously!


  7. I don’t get the ‘space’ to anticipate a travel. My partner plans everything before so there is not a lot left to do when I am starting to get in the mood . But I am the one who is – afterwards – busy for months and months with the pictures …

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  8. Fabulous post, Deb! You have an amazing vacation planned. And I agree with you, anticipation is wonderful feeling and it should be enjoyed. I’ll admit to complete admiration in packing for a 2 month trip with only a carry on. I think I’m a minimalist packer, but you’ve got me beat.

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  9. How exciting Deb. You have so much to look forward to on this trip. I love the idea of visiting National Trust properties. I would love that. I’ve been to England a few times and can remember the anticipation on all but the last trip. That time, two weeks before Christmas we made a last minute, spur of the moment decision to surprise our daughter with a visit. the trip was booked and we flew out two days later. It was very exciting but I did miss the fun of anticipation,

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    1. Yes it is getting exciting now Jen with less than a month to go. We always enjoy visiting the National Trust properties and it’s a great day out. Dottie likes going to although last time we said we were going to a castle, she was upset when we got there as she thought we were going to a bouncy castle! I need the lead-up into holidays for my anticipation levels to peak 🙂


  10. This is really interesting, because I actually include the weeks of anticiaption in part of the cost – when mentally justifying what I’m spending, the dollars aren’t per night there, but a bigger longer thing. I was looking at talking my youngest to Disney Paris but she didn’t want to go (I know, what???) and my husband said ‘just take her anyway’ but the cost was too much to only be for the week there. I needed her to be excited in the build up too for it to be ‘worth it’. Then Tokyo happened so she got to go to a Disney (but I didn’t get Paris!!). Enjoyment of anticipation is a great part of life, as it taints all the mundane must do’s with a veneer of happiness.

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    1. Yes I’m with you Lydia, the weeks beforehand add to the trip’s appeal and make it last longer. What she didn’t want to go to Paris?? I get what you mean about the cost involved. Tokyo would have been fun but I think Paris would be more, but that’s just me (and maybe you). Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  11. Debbie, Thank you for your weekend coffee share. i agree with you. Anticipation is a big part and the beginning of the fun of a trip. I travel light with a carry-on (recently returned from Portugal). I’m anticipating beautiful spring flowers in the coming weeks and hopefully a trip in May.

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    1. You have much to look forward to Natalie, spring flowers and weather is well worth anticipating! I’m excited about going into spring when we get to England 🙂


    1. Thanks Bernie, I couldn’t miss such a momentous birthday, although I can still remember my own 40th birthday very clearly!! Should I do the outfits thing again, it was because of a comment from you that I had so much fun doing it last time 🙂

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  12. I agree about the anticipation of upcoming travel. It’s such a great feeling. We were hoping to travel over the children’s spring break but we dropped the ball on ordering their new passports and we didn’t get to go. Another time, perhaps.

    Happy travels.

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  13. Anticipation would make a great WOTY sometime. It’s so positive. I am so spontaneous, I have little time for anticipation. We are anticipating our remodel because Vince, unlike me, loves to anticipate – projects. 🙂 Your adventure sounds like a lot of fun. I’d love to see all the gardens in England. I’m going to make it a point to explore more of them in Arizona this year, too. 🙂 Great post. Have fun!

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    1. Yes Marsha, it would make a great WOTY and is a very positive word. I like being spontaneous too when the timing is right but sometimes I need the anticipation and build up. Thanks for your lovely comment.

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  14. Another lovely trip planned. I agree the anticipation is just as exciting as the trip itself. Although sometimes it can be disappointing, if things don’t go as anticipated.
    I love Cheddar and have fond memories of it.
    I have many posts to catch up on as I’ve had a break from my blog for a bit.

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    1. Yes it should be fun Ali, and I’m aware that sometimes things don’t go the right way when we travel or in life generally. Hope all is well with you, it must be hard at times dealing with everything. Take care. x

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  15. I love the tree stages of travel:
    1. The planning and anticipation part
    2. The being there and doing part
    3. The remembering and sharing of stories part.
    I’m so excited for you and hope you have a fantastic time (which I’m sure you will). I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Janine, your three stages of travel say it perfectly! We’ve got a few weeks before we go but I’m sure they’ll fly by. It’s great planning the whole thing and getting that buzz again.


  16. Having just arrived home from our three-week road trip through 7 states, the idea of packing in one carry-on didn’t even occur to me, Debbie. I’m a planner but not to that level. I packed two–a large roller bag with too many clothes for winter, spring and summer weather. Plus I had a duffel of all the wedding clothes and accessories. No, I didn’t wear a lot of clothes because the weather was cooler everywhere we went. I will be interested to see your posts about how you pull this off, my friend! Enjoy the planning, it is so fun to imagine and anticipate when and where you will be on a given day!

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  17. It’s funny how I never thought much about the anticipation of a thing. Now, that I’ve read your post, I realize I anticipate so much and really enjoy that anticipation. When we’re doing an exercise video, I’m busy visualizing (also a form of anticipating) what I’m going to do or make or buy). And, the planning out of anything is something I enjoy almost as much as the actual doing! I honestly have never thought about it. Now, you’ve got me thinking about all kinds of things!

    I do hope you have a wonderful time anticipating your clothing choices as well as the trip itself. I can’t imagine living that far from my kiddos…though Covid certainly made it seem as if they were on the other side of the world.

    Have a fabulous week!

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  18. I totally agree! I even enjoy thinking about planning a trip/adventure and assessing my options, it’s hard to choose! I’ve even felt the anticipation while I’m in the middle of my trip; full of joy from my experiences so far and looking forward to the next.

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  19. Your plans for the two months sound great – a week’s camping in Cornwall, not to mention the Aussie themed party! Yes it’s likely to be cooler, the weather so far this spring has been very disappointing. I’m looking forward to 5 days walking in the Lake District in May and our sunshine holiday in Greece in June.

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  20. Deb! That is so exciting. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I’d love to visit the English countryside. I do get excited anticipating trips..planning, etc. no matter how near or far. I love that last quote. Going to go read the article.

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