About my running

Waving while running
Waving while running – that’s me!

I am now 54 55 56 57 and enjoy being active, it’s good for my physical and mental well being.  I have learnt to run (again) and enjoy pushing myself to improve my pace and the distances that I can run.  I decided one day that walking was too slow and just started to jog a bit. I found that I could run and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I also like to cycle and  I walk regularly on the days between my runs.

I have 3 grown up daughters who live far, far away, so I try to be a good role model for them by keeping active as I age. We keep track of each other with our Runkeeper app and it can get a bit competitive! I now have an Apple watch and it’s become my new best friend. Since I was retired in December 2016 I have found I am more active during the day and enjoy my mid morning runs.

I am still trying to run 5km in a faster time and it’s a work in progress!  I love participating in Parkruns when I can (which isn’t very often as I live a long way away from the closest event). I also participate in  fun runs in Canberra and Melbourne each year and local runs when available. I would like to one day run the City to Surf event in Sydney.  I’m not keen on running half or full marathons at this stage but you never know!

I  love to blog at http://www.debs-world.com and I am on twitter @wonderwomandebz

Here are some of my posts that include running:

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22 Replies to “About my running”

  1. Hi Debbie – I wanted to comment on your ‘over 50 runner and blogger’ post but couldn’t see a form there. I saw you listed on the Run Young 50 blog. Just to let you know I am now 53 and started running about 10 years ago. I started with the couch to 5k program and thought I would never be able to run very far. In 2011 I lost 3 stone (20kgs) and was helped greatly by increasing and improving my running. I have managed to keep (most:-)) of the weight off and I now run 3 times a week. I ran my first 10k in 2010 and my first half marathon in 2012. I now stick to 10k as my body doesn’t seem to like the longer distance. I also blog, not much yet as I am new to it, but I am starting to get the hang of it now. http://www.bananafitz.life. Best regards, Ann

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    1. Thanks for your comment and follow Ann, lovely to meet you. I’ll go visit your blog. I have just got the all clear from the Physio to start running again due to a calf injury a few months ago. I’ll be taking it slowly but am keen to get back into it. Well done on your efforts!!

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          1. Sorry Debbie – I notice my WordPress links you to the wrong site (to my blank blog – duh!!) It should work properly now – could you subscribe to my blog via bananafitz.life. An hour at the gym before work? – good for you! Thanks. 🙂 Ann

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