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Retirement Reflections is a guest on my blog

People of Interest #2 – Meet Donna

As I have enjoyed being a guest blogger a number of times, I decided to start a new feature on my blog and share some interesting people with you. I have always liked the quote:  “Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books and some are confined to hearts.” Savi Sharma It’s…

Clouds while flying

Getting excited for New Zealand

Can you believe I’ve been so busy and taken up with weddings, family issues and life in general that I haven’t yet managed to start getting excited for our upcoming trip to New Zealand’s North Island?? We only leave later this week, in 2 days time! I’m still in Brisbane as I write this, having celebrated our daughter’s Wedding with a…


Debbie Harris
Fiji countdown

Fiji countdown

Not long now…..

Only a few more days until we leave for our daughter’s wedding in Fiji.

Only a few more days until we have the family together for the first time since last Christmas.

Only a few more days until I can kick back, relax and laze around the pool.

Wedding countdown for Mother of the Bride

Wedding countdown

Who’s excited with me???

Deb xx

(You can read my updates leading up to this point here: MOB – Mother of the Bride)

You can also find Deb’s World here – I’d be delighted if you’d join me.

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View through the window on a sunny spring day

What’s outside the window?

This morning the view from the kitchen window was sunny and bright so I thought I’d share it with you. The vase of spring daffodils look pretty, WonderWoman Debs is sitting on top of her jar of Vegemite surveying the world around her, the camellia tree is full of pretty pink flowers outside in the garden and all is well. …

Serenity at the waterhole

Travel thoughts – Care, share and respect!

Every journey is a voyage of discovery – Clare Boylan The adventure is over. We are home and have been for a while now. The clothes that reeked of smoke from the campfire and physical exertion are clean again, my husband’s beard has been removed, the car has been emptied and bags lie around in anticipation of being put away…until the…

Camp ovens cook damper and billy tea cooked over the campfire in Outback Australia

Waiting patiently

The wait was well worth it….. This week’s Photo Challenge asks us to share a snapshot that shows a sense of waiting.  On our recent trip to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, we walked everyday, we camped out and we enjoyed the spectacular scenery. Life was easy, simple and slower paced than our usual lifestyle – it was bliss to…

Smiles of Rotary Youth Exchange Students

Worth a Word Wednesday: Smiles

 Wordless Wednesday – has now been renamed ‘Worth a Word’ Wednesday simply because I can’t stick to the rules of NO WORDS 🙂 These girls are part of a group of Rotary Exchange Students who are spending a year in Australia. They are away from their friends and family, out of their comfort zone, learning to speak a new language and…

Iga Warta

Aussie outback adventure #5 – Aboriginal Art and Women’s business

Art and Women’s Business were on the agenda for days 5 & 6 of our Outback Aussie Adventure. Women’s Business: I was privileged to take part in the ‘Women’s business’ talk with Josie and Glenise Coulthard while at Iga Warta. Men could have joined the group to hear the stories, but it was stressed that only women can actually tell the…

Windmill in the outback

A silent sentinel of the past

A structure with a beauty of its very own…. These structures were to be seen everywhere on our recent trip to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.  This windmill was abandoned but once upon a time it was a vibrant, useful and necessary structure in the outback, providing a valuable water source to a dry, arid land. I love that although…

River gum along the Frome River in South Australia's Flinders Ranges

Aussie outback adventure #4 – Mt Serle

Walking the Frome River – Day 4 Today saw our little group of five (we call ourselves the Famous Five) walk from Mt Serle homestead, down the Frome River, with our cultural guide Cliff Coulthard. We walked about 13kms and I must say it was a very pleasant day of walking. A reminder of what we’re doing on our 2…

Afternoon light in the South Australian Flinders Ranges. Sunset over the hills.

Worth a Word Wednesday: Afternoon light

 Wordless Wednesday – has now been renamed ‘Worth a Word’ Wednesday simply because I can’t stick to the rules of NO WORDS 🙂 Helloooooo – I’m back from my big adventure and have so much to catch up on. I promise to get over and read some of your posts in the next few days.  I have so many posts to…

Aussie outback adventure #3 – a cultural day

Welcome to Iga Warta – Day 3 full of culture and history  Nangga (pronounced nunga) means hello/welcome in the local Adnyamathanha (pronounced Udna-mat-na) language. We are learning lots of words for plants, animals and birds, as we go on our walks with guides Sharpie, Cliff and Terry.  It’s been very enlightening and educational not to mention interesting. The good news…

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