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My father

Thoughts on losing my Father

Life and loss You may, (or may not), have noticed that I’ve been missing in action in the blogosphere recently. I haven’t blogged, I haven’t read many blogs, I haven’t commented or interacted, I haven’t shared or participated in any group threads and you know what, I make no apologies for my absence. Sometimes life, or in this case, death,…

Awkward portrait at Christmas

This is what happens behind the scenes at Christmas time

Greetings – This post was written in response to Sue’s post over at Sizzling Towards Sixty and Beyond where she asked some of her favourite bloggers to share their thoughts about Christmas.  Sue has kindly shared a snippet of my post (thanks again Sue). Read on for the full version. I enjoyed gathering my thoughts and writing about this special…

Heart shaped island below on our flight to our daughter's destination wedding in paradise

A sentence a day for October: A month of Wedding fun!

 October – in a Sentence a Day Earlier in the year I joined some wonderful bloggers for the Sentence a Day writing challenge, (you can find links here to my posts for June, July , August  and September) and now it seems to be time for October’s post – where does the time go?  It also seems like I’m hooked on the Sentence a Day posts…

Clouds while flying

Getting excited for New Zealand

Can you believe I’ve been so busy and taken up with weddings, family issues and life in general that I haven’t yet managed to start getting excited for our upcoming trip to New Zealand’s North Island?? We only leave later this week, in 2 days time! I’m still in Brisbane as I write this, having celebrated our daughter’s Wedding with a…


People of interest #1 – Meet Sharon

I find it interesting to note that throughout my blogging career, I have been a guest poster on a few blogs (see list below) but to date the only person to ever guest post on my blog was my youngest daughter, who wrote this heartfelt piece without any direction:  To my mum My recent guest posts include these: Retirement, aging positively, photography work…

A different sort of green and gold flying over Wagga Wagga

A sentence a day for September: a writing challenge

 September – in a Sentence a Day I joined in with some wonderful bloggers for the Sentence a Day writing challenge for the month of June and July and August!  It’s now time for September, how can it already be September? In the first week of the new month, a group of like-minded bloggers link their posts to share what’s…


Debbie Harris
Fiji countdown

Fiji countdown

Not long now…..

Only a few more days until we leave for our daughter’s wedding in Fiji.

Only a few more days until we have the family together for the first time since last Christmas.

Only a few more days until I can kick back, relax and laze around the pool.

Wedding countdown for Mother of the Bride

Wedding countdown

Who’s excited with me???

Deb xx

(You can read my updates leading up to this point here: MOB – Mother of the Bride)

You can also find Deb’s World here – I’d be delighted if you’d join me.

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A sentence a day for July: a writing challenge

A Sentence a Day – a month in review I joined in with some wonderful bloggers for the Sentence a Day writing challenge for the month of June, and enjoyed it so much I’m back again for July! On the first Thursday of each month, we link our posts up and can read what everyone else has been up to…

Travel Loving Parents

Originally posted on thewanderingdarlings:
My parents have recently retired which, when they are still in their very early 60s/late 50s is really bloody early. I had like 5 mins worrying about what they would do with this new found freedom of the daily grind then I realised they are going to be even busier now than ever before. You see…

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