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Black and White photography challenge (take 2): Day 3

Just for something different! Today I have used a photo of trees in the pine forest for my Day 3 Black and White photo challenge. I like the way the light is filtered through the trees and the straight lines of the rows of trees. I enjoy seeing things in a different colour and today is no exception. Here are links…

Black and white photography challenge (take 2): Day 2

My day 2 photo for the black and white photo challenge is a deliberately over exposed photo of (you guessed it) a sunflower!  Are you sick of them yet???  Please don’t answer that question 🙂 I love the dramatic feel that the black and white starkness gives to this picture but again I feel I’m being sacrilegious about removing the colour from…

Black and white photography challenge (take 2): Day 1

Jill at Jill’s scene, from just across the ditch from me in NZ, has nominated me to participate in the Black and White 5 day challenge.  Some of you might remember that I did this back in January but I’m keen to give it another go!  Bear with me as I try to get my head around photographing in monochrome after my…

Tea Time #7 – Spring time teacups

Tea time is great fun and thanks go to Justine at Eclectic odds n sods for hosting us all.  I love reading her synopsis of everyone’s posts after each tea party, they are very entertaining! It’s always delicious with so many yummy treats on offer and such interesting people dropping by. I have visited Tea Time a few times now – for Tea…

Weekly photo challenge: Rewards (are always worth waiting for)

I have been a bit obsessed with my sunflower lately and have taken photos of it at every opportunity.  Lucky for you, my loyal readers, I haven’t shown you every photo I’ve taken (it might seem like it I know). This morning upon checking its progress, I saw that it had completely opened. Hooray!! When I saw today’s weekly photo…

Weekly photo challenge: rule of thirds (or not?)

I don’t claim to be a photographer despite many of my posts using photos and my regular participation in The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenges.  I do have talented relatives who are acclaimed photographers and I am envious of their skills.  I only ever photograph things that take my fancy for one reason or another, like the subject, the light or the…

Feeling triumphant!

Photography 101 has been a great month-long challenge. I am triumphant that I have lasted the distance and managed to complete each daily challenge.  As I said in yesterday’s post I feel I have learnt new things and from now on will think much more before I go to take a photo. It’s been quite a demanding month and I’ve certainly been consumed by it all but despite that I really don’t want it to end in some ways!

I’ve met some lovely, clever people and enjoyed sharing my photos and stories with others.  Well done to all involved and thanks WordPress for all their efforts in keeping us involved and intrigued.

Here I am with my chooks from my Double post…we’re celebrating the end of Photography 101 together!

Hanging with my chookies!

Hanging with my chookies!

I don’t think I’ve managed the contrast part of today’s task too well but I’m happy with my Opera House shot which I’ve had a great play around with, using some editing tools that I don’t usually use.  I like the result, do you?

I did manage to run up these steps so am triumphant about that as well!!


Sydney Opera House – I ran up these steps!

Just in case you didn’t get it from my post, today’s final task:

Photography 101: Triumph

Today, let’s bump up the contrast for a bold take on triumph.




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