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An ancient old tree on the Frome River

That time when the bride wore white and so did the groom!

Weathering life As the Mathematician and I celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary, I thought back to how we’ve weathered life along the way. We both started out in our brilliant white outfits and haven’t looked back. I had been considering writing a post to offer advice to newly marrieds, my daughter among them, but I decided I don’t have any…

Focus is my word for 2018

How to focus on what you actually want to achieve

Or my alternative title to this post….here’s a few F words to start the New Year off with a bang! It’s not the words you may immediately think of, but it just so happens that most of my words below start with F! Instead of making (and ultimately breaking) resolutions for the New Year, I’ve joined a growing tribe of people…