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What day is it? Asking for a friend 🙂

What day is it? I'm in holiday mode!

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This is the most asked question in our household at the moment, and has been for the past few weeks. We generally know the ‘month’ but not what ‘day’ it is. My calendar is my best friend, reminding me of what I have planned each day. And my watch tells me the day if I remember to look at it!

I think today is Friday 😂 but feel free to correct me. 

Although I’m now into my third year of retirement, it still amazes me that holiday time hits me the way it does! It could be because we have a teenage Rotary Exchange Student living with us and we’re aware of school being on holidays (which is funny because we both worked in Education for many years) or it’s just that time of the year when everything goes into free-fall.

I must admit it’s a nice way of being and the hammock is a great place to hangout, with a spurt of exercise every few days, preferably the aqua aerobics type of activity, given the heatwave conditions we’ve been experiencing here.

Is this a common theme or is it just me?

It’s all a bit ironic given my word of the year is TIME and trying to work our how to get more of it in 2019!  Maybe I need more help than I thought 🙂

Stay in touch and enjoy those holiday feels!

Deb x

Smiles of Rotary Youth Exchange Students

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