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My father

Thoughts on losing my Father

Life and loss You may, (or may not), have noticed that I’ve been missing in action in the blogosphere recently. I haven’t blogged, I haven’t read many blogs, I haven’t commented or interacted, I haven’t shared or participated in any group threads and you know what, I make no apologies for my absence. Sometimes life, or in this case, death,…

Our retirement home at Hobbiton New Zealand

Guest Post Series: Reflections on My First Year of Retirement

Holiday Greetings to you all from the Land Down Under! Donna at Retirement Reflections kindly invited me to be a guest in her ‘Sundays at Six’ series and gave me free rein as to what I could write about. Donna has many interesting bloggers join her in her series and it’s great reading what everyone is up to in their various…

Melanie from The Wandering Darlings

What happens when you have a spectacular daughter out there?

It’s time to meet one of my favourite bloggers, Melanie from The Wandering Darlings.  I must declare, she also just happens to be my eldest daughter 🙂 Welcome to another edition of People of Interest where I get to share some interesting people with you, my interesting readers. I post these on Tuesdays. And that’s what happens when you have…


People of interest #1 – Meet Sharon

I find it interesting to note that throughout my blogging career, I have been a guest poster on a few blogs (see list below) but to date the only person to ever guest post on my blog was my youngest daughter, who wrote this heartfelt piece without any direction:  To my mum My recent guest posts include these: Retirement, aging positively, photography work…