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I participated in the Photo101 challenge in November 2014 where we had a daily prompt, were given photography tips and we had to post  a photo each day. It was a great way to meet other bloggers and improve my photography skills. This course certainly did a lot for my stats and new followers!
Here are links to my posts for these challenges:

Wrap-up of Photography 101

Day 20 – Triumph I finished it!

Day 19 – Double my chooks get a look in

Day 18 – Edges I really hate edges!

Day 17 – Glass an interesting glass artwork

Day 16 – treasure My parents on their wedding day

Day 15 – Landscape an Aussie landscape

Day 14 – swarm Ladybirds

Day 13 – Moment I went to London to visit the Queen

Day 12 – Monochrome Turning Torso looking malevolent

Day 11 – Pop of colour  the forest was dry but the pink marker brightened it up

Day 10 – Mystery how clever where the Romans?

Day 9 – Warmth my sunroom on fire from the sunset

Day 8 – Natural World trees

Day 7 – Landmark looking down from a landmark

Day 6 – Connect a foot connection

Day 5 – Solitude my legs and I

Day 4 – Bliss was harder to describe than I thought

Day 3 – Across the Water

Day 2 – A  Street scene

Day 1 – Home The green green grass of home

I  completed the Zero to Hero challenge in January 2014 and Blogging 201 in April 2014, these challenges taught me a lot about the art of blogging and introduced me to the community of bloggers.   Here are links to these posts.

Blogging 201:

Challenge accepted

  • Task 4 & photo challenge all in one post!
  • Day nine challenge – update social media connections
  • I added a (silly) poll – just to see if I could!

Zero to Hero challenges:

Missing my zero to hero action

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