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Back home, back to work, back into Rotary, back into running, back into eating sensibly, back into reality…..but I absolutely refuse to return to ‘normal’.

I like the more relaxed, happy, no worries, do what feels good ‘me’…and I want to keep some of her.

Jumping off the merry-go-round for a while is liberating and a good opportunity to re-assess everything.

How do you decide whether you want to get back onto the merry-go-round or is it just a fact of life that it all starts up again as if you’d never jumped off?

feeling as relaxed and happy as I look

feeling as relaxed and happy as I look

Just looking at this photo makes me smile – I will hold onto that ‘other’ side of me for as long as I can!

Quintessential England

All is now right with my world! I am well, I am on holidays, I am travelling….how could I not be happy?

I love visiting England, it is so different, in so many ways,  from our little part of Australia and the fact that our daughter lives here is always a bonus! The only problem is that it is so far away which means long, long flights. I do wish Doctor Who would franchise the Tardis as a time travelling machine, it would make life so much easier!

We started out on Friday afternoon with a three hour drive, followed by a one hour flight on Saturday morning, then a wait of 6 hours (which we filled in very easily catching up with family), then an eight hour flight, followed by a quick run from one gate to another to get onto the next flight for a further 13 hours. We arrived in London later than scheduled so missed our bus and had to wait for two hours for the next  bus.  The two and a half hour bus trip had me dozing off before a short wait for our lift and a final 45 minute drive. We had arrived!  By this time it was late on Sunday afternon in England but well into Monday back at home. We were in surprisingly good form despite the extended travel and after a well deserved (and needed) freshen up we went out for a walk into the English village of Cheddar.

We know Cheddar very well, having lived here for 12 months, many years ago, while on a Teacher Exchange. The fact that our eldest daughter now lives here is one of those weird things that somehow just happen. It is a small village with a beautiful natural gorge as it’s main draw card.  It is pretty, green, has a market cross, a few nice pubs and is reasonably close to other lovely places like Wells, Glastonbury, Bath….

On our first afternoon we walked through the village checking out the changes and up to the gorge. It was a lovely warm sunny afternoon with most of the touristy shops shut and the tourists on their way home. We always enjoy seeing the gorge, it’s a great place to walk with outstanding views over the Somerset countryside.

Another of our favourite places is Wells, a lovely Cathedral city with history just pouring out of it. (The movie Hot Fuzz wS filmed here which is just weird!) Although religion doesn’t play a large part in our lives we love the history of the cathedral, the amazing architecture and the feeling of something special. We walked around in the sun, visited Vicar’s Close a beautiful street of old houses that are now used as music rooms given the sounds emanating from them; walked the high street; had lunch in an old English pub; enjoyed the colourful flower baskets that are everywhere, and drove back through narrow roads bordered by high hedges and houses so close to the road that sometimes they actually are the edge of the road.

Love the sunflowers in this garden at Vicar's Close

Love the sunflowers in this garden at Vicar’s Close

Later in the afternoon I walked around the local reservoir, joining the many locals walking their dogs (another very English thing to do) and felt very lucky to here.

To me this area is quintessentially English – it’s green, lush, old, pretty, full of history – and I just love it all. I also love the word quintessential 🙂


Debbie Harris

With less than a week before we leave on our next big adventure I have started my Travel Blog and will be updating it whenever I can.  Here is the link in case you want to stay in touch and come along for the ride with us!

I’m happy to say that I am recovering nicely after my emergency appendectomy 2 weeks ago and have been given the all clear to travel 😊

Looking forward to getting away….🚲

Travel Blog: Cycling in Croatia, and trips to UK, Denmark, Sweden & Singapore.

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