It’s not called the ‘silly season’ for nothing!

It’s now officially the silly season!  The person who coined this phrase was spot on (apparently it was first noted in 1861).  Ay my first event for the season, I looked around at all these normal, sensible people suddenly transformed by wearing silly hats, telling silly jokes from their bonbons and playing with silly plastic toys, also from said bonbons. …

Feeling triumphant!

Photography 101 has been a great month-long challenge. I am triumphant that I have lasted the distance and managed to complete each daily challenge.  As I said in yesterday’s post I feel I have learnt new things and from now on will think much more before I go to take a photo. It’s been quite a demanding month and I’ve certainly been consumed by it all but despite that I really don’t want it to end in some ways!

I’ve met some lovely, clever people and enjoyed sharing my photos and stories with others.  Well done to all involved and thanks WordPress for all their efforts in keeping us involved and intrigued.

Here I am with my chooks from my Double post…we’re celebrating the end of Photography 101 together!

Hanging with my chookies!

Hanging with my chookies!

I don’t think I’ve managed the contrast part of today’s task too well but I’m happy with my Opera House shot which I’ve had a great play around with, using some editing tools that I don’t usually use.  I like the result, do you?

I did manage to run up these steps so am triumphant about that as well!!


Sydney Opera House – I ran up these steps!

Just in case you didn’t get it from my post, today’s final task:

Photography 101: Triumph

Today, let’s bump up the contrast for a bold take on triumph.




MM 39 – Monochrome Madness 39

Some great monochrome shots here to check out, including my Turning Torso (looking a touch malevolent). Great idea and clever people!

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