People of Interest

A new feature on my blog where I share people of interest. I think everyone is interesting and I love hearing their story and asking questions.

I follow some very interesting bloggers and want to share my interesting people with you, my interesting readers!

Everyone has a story to tell, sometimes you just need to ask questions to find out what their story is.

I have invited people who interest me to answer 10 basic questions and shared their answers as as Guest Post on my blog.

Read on to meet some very interesting people!

People of Interest #1 – Meet Sharon from Musings from the Cold (my sister)
People of Interest #2 – Meet Donna from Retirement Reflections
People of Interest #3 – Meet Louise from The Year I touched my Toes
People of Interest #4 – Meet Miriam from Out An’ About
People of Interest #5 – Meet Shaun from Clockwork Clouds
People of Interest #6 – Meet Sue from Travel Tales of Life
People of Interest #7 – It’s ME – the birthday girl!!
People of interest #8 – Meet Melanie from The Wandering Darlings (my daughter)
People of Interest #9 – Meet Sue from Sizzling towards 60 and Beyond

What a life!
Everyone has a story to tell!

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