Redundancy and early Retirement – My Journey

I worked in a minimum security correctional centre, teaching and managing education programs for male inmates for over 22 years.

I was made redundant in December 2016 and I look back at all the posts I wrote during this difficult time, from the announcement in May 2016 to my final week at work in December 2016.

‘You aren’t redundant — your job is redundant. You are still a much-loved, important, powerful and precious mother, husband, father, wife, person’.

We were important and we were valued by our colleagues and students.  We worked hard for many years to improve the lives of our students. Senior management and Government ministers might not recognise or thank us for what we’ve accomplished, but luckily we know our own worth.

Writing these posts during this awful time helped me to cope, it gave me an outlet, a voice. Finding other bloggers in similar situations also helped.

Please feel free to contact me or leave me a message.

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