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Sisterly fun

I visited my sister in Melbourne recently, her husband Tim has moved there for work and Sharon is in between places. Our parents were also visiting so it was too good an opportunity to pass up.   I haven’t seen my sister for a few months and she has lost even more weight than the last time I saw her –…

I’ve registered for my first 5km fun run, you can too – Mother’s Day Classic

MDC – I’ve registered, you can too | Mother’s Day Classic. I have just registered for my first 5km fun run – the Mothers Day Classic in Canberra on May 11 2014.   I am excited but also a bit nervous!  It’s for a great cause and I will be running it with my daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Ben.  They live in…

Home is where the ❤️ is

Decided to have a rest over the weekend and feel very relaxed and ready for the week ahead. I took this photo early one morning last week and love it as it is my view every morning as I return home from my run/walk session. How lucky am I to have this view every day?


Letter to myself – 12 wbt weekly challenge

The challenge for week 1 of this round of 12wbt is to write a letter to ourselves answering the following questions.  It’s  a good exercise and I think I’m lucky as I’ve been blogging about my feelings throughout the first round and into my second round, so I  have an idea of what’s been going on in my head. While the questions below…


Haven from the heat

29 degrees Celsius at 6am is an indication that the day will be another heatwave here in Melbourne. We are here for the Australian Open tennis read more here and I decided that Fitzroy Gardens would be a nice spot for my morning run/walk.  It was a delightfully cool, peaceful haven with green grass, sprinklers, shady trees, fountains and interesting sights…

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