What has been the most unusual, unexpected or just plain weird connection you’ve made as a blogger?

brown haired female doll

A true story that shows the power of connection with a happy ending! An unexpected comment leads to an interesting re-connection and a doll called Debbie Anne.

Retirement Voices | Add your story to this important new book

Life after retirement. Having been made redundant, life is looking good.

I have just completed an easy questionnaire on the subject of retirement. I found out about this project from another midlife blogger and decided to add my voice to the story. If you are a woman and you're retired I highly recommend you join up and share your story and thoughts, it's for a good …

Interview with Debbie from “Deb’s World!” ~ Esme Salon

Deb's World Logo

Hi there friends - I've been interviewed! I always enjoy being a guest on another blogger's blog and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Esme recently! Esme is a lovely, encouraging and supportive blogger and I thank her for having me over on her blog. It's been great to share my story. Here's a …

Mum and me at 53!

Mother and daughter compare notes at the same age

At the age of 53 During Christmas celebrations a few years ago, I took some time to sit and compare notes with my mother - on our different lives at the age of 53. My mother was 75 at the time, but she's always looked years younger. I am selfishly hoping that she has passed …