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Tips on how NOT to make money on your blog

#6 Tips on How NOT to make money or get a gazillion views in your first month of blogging

How NOT to make money or get a gazillion views in your first month of blogging – or even your first six years!! Why? Why are so many bloggers’ lives so skewed towards making money quickly or getting a gazillion views/followers in a short amount of time? I am getting quite tired of seeing all these types of posts.  Pinterest is…

Just another ordinary day or something a bit special?

Another ordinary day or a bit special?  Five thoughts: Receive notification from WordPress of 5 year anniversary of blogging!  Not too keen on joining the Social Saturday bike ride group due to feeling tired and weather is a bit overcast,  but go anyway.  End up riding nearly 17kms, including hills, with the group, and feel much better for it! Decide…

I may be many things but at least I’m not listless

I love lists

I love making a list and then crossing off things on my list as they get done.   I admit that I will sometimes add things to a list just so that I can have the satisfaction of crossing them off. Is there a word for people who like making lists?  I just did a quick search and couldn’t find one, if you know such a word, please let me know.

List making

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When crossing off items on my lists I use the strike through method whereas others use the tick method. I like the feeling of crossing out the item, it makes it more complete to me. What do you do?

When thinking about a list of my favourite lists I came up with this:

  • To do list
  • Completed jobs list
  • Shopping list
  • Guest list
  • Wish list
  • Bucket list
  • Movies to watch list
  • Books to read list
  • Christmas list
  • Places to visit list
  • Questions to ask list
  • Notes for blog list
  • Friends list

I’m sure I’ll think of  more lists and I’ll update my list as they come to me.  That’s another thing I like to do. At least you can’t call me a listless person!!

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