June Story Chat: “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree” by Debbie Harris

Another way I’m being ‘bold’ this year, is by joining Marsha in her Story Chat series and saying yes to these types of activities that push me out of my comfort zone!

I wrote this short story in May, around Mother’s Day and am thrilled to have it shared by Marsha.

Here’s a sneak preview:

It felt like yesterday in her heart, but in her head, she knew it was almost fifty years ago. The day when everything she knew about life had irrevocably changed – the fateful story day when she’d become a new mother.

It was a day in late May, with winter setting in. The days were grey and wet, but every now and again a bright clear sunny day was a welcome relief and brightened the whole world. Unfortunately, it hadn’t been one of these bright clear days when it all happened, instead a storm was raging, roiling, thundering, lighting the sky with shards of electricity. Was it an omen – she often wondered that.

Becoming a mother hadn’t been high on her bucket list, in fact she’d been sitting on the fence about the whole motherhood thing, but the pressure from the state officials, family, especially her husband, and her friends, had been mounting for the past few years. They’d been married for 4 years already and people were starting to ask questions, quite probing personal questions in fact – when would they be starting their family, were they trying, did they have fertility issues, were they scared?

Really it was no-one else’s business at all – except it was.

The rules stated ‘after 5 years of marriage a baby must have been initiated by the couple other-wise medical intervention would be implemented’ – such official, impersonal language. Typical of the state!

If you want to find out what happens next, and believe me, you really do – then click onto Marsha’s post and join in the conversation.

Thanks again Marsha.

Deb 🙂

I’ve deliberately closed comments here so you can leave any thoughts over at Marsha’s post!

Marsha Ingrao - Always Write

Friends, I want to welcome both YOU and this month’s author, Debbie Harris, to Story Chat. This month’s Story Chat is a futuristic, Twilight Zone-type family drama.

Debbie’s word this year is BOLD. Being featured on Story Chat is one of her steps towards achieving boldness. When you’re done reading her story, be sure to click on Debbie’s links to visit some of her posts.

Thanks for having me all the way from Australia Marsha. In a time when we can’t travel in person, at least we can move around the world via our blogs.


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Grab a piece of pavlova and enjoy the story.

“The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree”

It felt like yesterday in her heart, but in her head, she knew it was almost fifty years ago.

The day when everything she knew about life had irrevocably changed – the fateful stormy day she’d…

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