Mundane Monday – texture and colour


Colourful building facade  Adding a bit of colour to your  Monday so that it's not too mundane.  It's a public holiday for most of Australia today, thanks to the Queen's birthday celebrations,  so it's definitely a great way to start the week. This building is in Canberra and the size of this facade was really …

Mundane Monday – afternoon stripes of sunshine


Afternoon stripes of sunshine in the city The city buildings create their own patterns with the afternoon sunshine - it's good to look up occasionally! What else could it be?  An elevator moving up, a phone battery display....let your imagination go wild. Mundane Monday Challenge is hosted by Jithin at Trablogger   - it's all about finding the beauty …

Mundane Monday – Simple things: patterns and shadows

patterns and shadows

Patterns and shadows This was the sight I saw as I looked down this morning.  The pattern of my dress was over-layed with the shadow from the glass doors where the morning sun was streaming in.  I liked the combination so much that I took a quick photo then headed out the door to work.  Sometimes …

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