Are these 5 of the best retirement locations in Australia? Some of my words as a guest over on Retiring Not Shy’s blog.

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This is part of a guest post I wrote on Retiring Not Shy's blog, about Tumbarumba being a great place to live, especially in retirement. I was one of five bloggers invited to share why we live where we live in retirement.

How the transient nature of transport has turned

Disused railway corridor overgrown with trees near Tumbarumba wating to be turned into a rail trail for cyclists and walkers

The transient nature of life, and in particular, transport. Transient- This week's photo challenge asks us to share a photo about transient - whether it be drifters, nomads, or even the state of impermanence. I've targeted the state of impermanence with this week's photo. Disused railway corridor overgrown with trees You will see in this photo a …