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My blogging friend Lucile has nominated me to join the Free Style Writing Challenge – something I haven’t done before! It’s a timed writing challenge with a topic given by Lucile with instructions not to edit, correct or change your writing once you’ve started.  Just write for 5 or 10 minutes on the set topic.  Lucile set the topic of…

It’s not called the ‘silly season’ for nothing!

It’s now officially the silly season!  The person who coined this phrase was spot on (apparently it was first noted in 1861).  Ay my first event for the season, I looked around at all these normal, sensible people suddenly transformed by wearing silly hats, telling silly jokes from their bonbons and playing with silly plastic toys, also from said bonbons. …


Debbie Harris

Out for my super Saturday session today in the glorious autumn sunshine. It was my long run for the week, so a bit slower pace. My run keeper app told me that I did 49.11km in 2 hours & sent me a congratulatory email and all. I know I’m improving but hey that’s a bit too far fetched!

PS. I really wanted to see what this format looks like in my new theme 😊

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Finally it’s raining! We have had such hot weather for weeks and with days of bushfire smoke added in for good measure, it’s nice to finally have some relief! It’s hard to comprehend that in some places, like in the UK where my daughter lives, that flooding is occurring and in the US heavy snow falls are again the order…


I have just realised that I am really missing my zero to hero community!  I haven’t posted in a while as I haven’t had the nudge that the daily challenge gave me.

I have just spent a nice evening fiddling with my blog putting into use some of the skills that I learnt throughout the 30 day challenge and feel pleased that I have remembered how to do things like links and editing my widgets.

Feel free to visit fellow heroes, have a look at my new page of my blogs that I’m proudest of and leave me a hello – I miss you all!

I aim to get involved in some of the other challenges soon, any suggestions gratefully accepted.  Stay in touch 🙂

Commenting in the blogosphere

I must say that I am enjoying my blogging experience. I have been reading some great posts lately and have actually been brave enough to make a few comments on some of these blogs.  This is relatively new for me as I have tended to stay in the background happy to read others’ posts and just write my own stories without interacting…

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