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Smiles of Rotary Youth Exchange Students

Worth a Word Wednesday: Smiles

 Wordless Wednesday – has now been renamed ‘Worth a Word’ Wednesday simply because I can’t stick to the rules of NO WORDS 🙂 These girls are part of a group of Rotary Exchange Students who are spending a year in Australia. They are away from their friends and family, out of their comfort zone, learning to speak a new language and…

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A Good news week – Musings on Monday 26 June 2017

Welcome to my weekly Monday Musings   A week of good news: In case you missed the news, the required legislation to close the disused Rail Corridor between Tumbarumba and Rosewood finally passed through the NSW Parliament during the week.  This is fantastic news for those of us who have been patiently working behind the scenes to enable a rail trail…

We are all Wonder Women

A Wonder Woman week – Musings on Monday 19 June 2017

Welcome to my weekly Monday Musings   A wonderful week end with Wonder Woman: I haven’t managed to write a Musings on Monday post for a few weeks as I’ve been away, but you can read all about our trip to Tasmania in my recent posts if you’re so inclined.  I still have a few to update! I have been busy…


Why you should take your phone with you EVERYWHERE!

Why you should take your phone with you everywhere. This is a cautionary and true story. Over the weekend I had a strangely familiar sensation. I was locked in. Again. In December 2014 I found myself locked in a stairwell in a shopping centre at 4 am and it was not fun!  Luckily I had my phone with me and…

Every day is an adventure – 77/365

To travel is to live These kids are true adventurers as they have left their homes, families and friends to spend  an entire year in another country. They are newly arrived Rotary Youth Exchange students ready to make their home here in District 9710 Australia. Training weekends like this one  are held throughout the year allowing the students to get…

Every day is an adventure – 23/365

Light up Rotary The Rotary year ends on 30 June and we finish this year’s theme of Light Up Rotary.  I like this, and yes, I’m  a Rotarian! RI President Gary C.K. Huang chose Light Up Rotary as his theme for 2014-15. Huang was inspired by the teachings of Chinese philosopher Confucius who said: “It is better to light a single candle,…

Weekly photo challenge: Enveloped – 2 examples

When I saw the prompt of Enveloped for this week’s photo challenge I knew what I wanted to write about. But how to find a photo to show this?  I then looked out the window and saw the sea of fog rising out of the valley below and decided to use this photo! Enveloped is to surround completely, to enclose, to wrap, to…

Very Inspiring Blog Award

I am usually a bit wary about blogging awards but when it comes from a renowned blogger like Lucile at Bridging Lacunas, I was immediately thrilled and humbled in equal abounds! Thankyou for the nomination and encouragement. In her post accepting the award, from two other similarly inspiring bloggers, Lucile has then nominated blogs that she has found inspiring and…

10 seconds on a Friday – 5 seconds just didn’t cover this week!

Even by my standards the past week has been HUGE so I have changed the rules and will wrap up the week that was in 100 words instead of the usual 50 – it’s my page so I can change the rules if I want to!!

Here’s my other Friday posts.

Ready, set, GO!!

Youth exchange pre-convention – Passion, enthusiasm

Harbour dinner cruise, Vivid Sydney

Opening ceremony twice

Olympic flame lit

Buzz on train, singing carriages, fun, laughter

End polio walk

Mr Toilet, Tommy Spaulding, Diabetes & UN

Brett Lee, Mewsic

Packing food to Stop Hunger Now

Women in Rotary, Social media, ROSNF

Morning walk, historical houses, beautiful water views

Walk, run, walk

Himalayan dinner, all day breakfast at Verona

Free ferries, trains, buses

Smiles, new friends, talk

International atmosphere

Part of something huge – action, leadership, future

Volunteers in service

Relevance of Rotary?

Closing ceremony, Ten Tenors, Marina Prior, bush dance

Soaked in storm


Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet

A funny thing happened on the train today….I was on my way back to Central after attending the first day of the Youth Exchange pre convention meetings at Olympic Park at the 2014 Rotary International Convention in Sydney.  The train was full of Rotarians, youthful Rotaractors and exchange students, when a happy bunch came in, saw my name badge and…

5 seconds on Friday – High tea on the Rail Trail

Another week, another 50 or words or less to tell the story!

High Tea while riding on the High Country Rail Trail, old trestle bridges, drinks in rustic country pub. Picnic lunch, sunny autumn days.

Home hosted UK Rotary visitors; wombats everywhere, a walk in the dark with friends.  

Lovely chats with my daughters and my mother.

Worked; blogged; ran; new hairdo!

and that’s the week that was for this week.

Feel free to join in and share your 5 seconds of Friday

High Tea food stop

High Tea food stop

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