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Tumbatrek 2017

Tumbatrek At the beginning of February each year, Tumbarumba plays host to walking enthusiasts for the annual Tumbatrek. My husband and I have participated in most of the walks over recent years and enjoy the scenery, the company and the opportunity to share our beautiful area with others.  There are usually over 100 walkers of all ages and fitness levels who…

Weekly photo challenge: Harmony through my eyes

Harmony through my eyes looks and feels like this…. It’s not so much the harmony in the view or the early morning light or the fresh crisp air after the storm last night. It’s the way I felt at the time The harmony of being ‘me’ again of getting myself back and letting go…. This week’s photo challenge – Harmony: “the quality of forming…

Waving while running

Running and blogging over the age of 50 – a rare combination?

I recently found this very interesting site, Run Young 50, which talks about women from all over the world, who are over 50 and who also blog about running. My blogging (and running) friend Annie at Unsporty Women Can Run was featured on this list and I am thrilled to say that I’m now featured on it as well!!  There are a few…

I can run and smile at the same time!

First (over a certain age) to cross the finishing line!

“Keep going…. you’re the first older person to finish!” Sweet words to hear as I huffed and puffed my way towards the end of the 5km. Obviously meant to encourage me, these sweet words spurred me on to the finishing line with a bit more gusto! I don’t consider myself old but when I looked around at the handful of finishers,…

5 seconds on Friday – High tea on the Rail Trail

Another week, another 50 or words or less to tell the story!

High Tea while riding on the High Country Rail Trail, old trestle bridges, drinks in rustic country pub. Picnic lunch, sunny autumn days.

Home hosted UK Rotary visitors; wombats everywhere, a walk in the dark with friends.  

Lovely chats with my daughters and my mother.

Worked; blogged; ran; new hairdo!

and that’s the week that was for this week.

Feel free to join in and share your 5 seconds of Friday

High Tea food stop

High Tea food stop

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