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An ancient old tree on the Frome River

That time when the bride wore white and so did the groom!

Weathering life As the Mathematician and I celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary, I thought back to how we’ve weathered life along the way. We both started out in our brilliant white outfits and haven’t looked back. I had been considering writing a post to offer advice to newly marrieds, my daughter among them, but I decided I don’t have any…

Just married!

2017 – the stats don’t lie!

“Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.”  Mark Twain Thoughts of a Destination Wedding by the Mother of the Bride, was my most read post for 2017. Did you see it? I’ll try not to make this one of those boring over the top posts highlighting a list of my top posts for 2017 but I can’t make any promises…

Clouds while flying

Getting excited for New Zealand

Can you believe I’ve been so busy and taken up with weddings, family issues and life in general that I haven’t yet managed to start getting excited for our upcoming trip to New Zealand’s North Island?? We only leave later this week, in 2 days time! I’m still in Brisbane as I write this, having celebrated our daughter’s Wedding with a…

Banana Crepe with side serve of a chocolate heart

52 week photography project – Week 14: Still life with food

Welcome to Week  14 of our 52 week photography project where the theme was Still life with food.  I’m not usually one of those people who take photos of food and if I do, I rarely share it. I think it’s because I prefer to leave that sort of photo to the professionals who have all sorts of styling tricks of the…

Mother of the Bride take 2

52 week photography project – Week 13: Self Portrait #2

Source: Week 13: Self portrait #2 Week  13 of our 52 week photography project had the theme of Self Portrait. We apparently will do a self portrait every few weeks and I’ve been assured it doesn’t have to be an actual selfie, but a photo that says and shows something of ourselves. Our first week was also a self portrait so it will…


Debbie Harris
Fiji countdown

Fiji countdown

Not long now…..

Only a few more days until we leave for our daughter’s wedding in Fiji.

Only a few more days until we have the family together for the first time since last Christmas.

Only a few more days until I can kick back, relax and laze around the pool.

Wedding countdown for Mother of the Bride

Wedding countdown

Who’s excited with me???

Deb xx

(You can read my updates leading up to this point here: MOB – Mother of the Bride)

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Mother of the Bride update for daughter's wedding in Fiji

Mother of the Bride update #4 – the final countdown

Welcome to the latest update from the Mother of the Bride! As I sit here writing this update, the song playing on my random rock selection is The Final Countdown – I kid you not! I was searching for how many days until the big day and that song comes on – how random!!!  (Followed closely by ACDC’s Thunderstruck…I could…

What It’s Really Like to be the Mother of the Bride | Bridesmaids Confession

As a mother of three daughters I was asked to write about weddings from the perspective of the Mother of the Bride. I’m thrilled to share it here, hot off the press, from Bridesmaids Confessions.  Just in time for Mother’s Day next weekend! I’d love you to go and read the story by clicking the link below. Have you had…

church, wedding, afternoon light

The bitch was right – #Writespiration

Writespiration – is a great challenge which I’m enjoying more each week. The challenge is to write something using the weekly theme, in just 52 words…. EXACTLY 52 words, no more, no less. It’s harder than it seems, feel free to have a go yourself if you doubt me! This week Sacha has given us the words the bitch was right to use…

wedding, hair, planning, fiji

MOB fun with B2B – update #3

Welcome to the latest update from the Mother of the Bride! As you probably know by now, my MOB status has been restored with baby daughter’s wedding planned for October 2017  – in Fiji!   It is a very small intimate affair with only parents, siblings, and a few close friends.  We are now looking at less than 6 months to go!!…

Blogging challenge, flash fiction

The Girl in the black hood – #Writespiration

Writespiration – is a challenge courtesy of Sacha Black.  The challenge is to write something using the weekly theme in just 52 words…. EXACTLY 52 words, no more, no less. It’s harder than it seems, I can assure you! This week the topic is to write about The Girl that wore the black hood. Here’s my offering: The Girl in the black…

MOB#2 update

Greetings fellow bloggers!  You may not know but my MOB status has been restored with baby daughter’s wedding planned for October 2017  – in Fiji!   I’ve been told (by guess who?) that I’ve been very slack in keeping everyone up to date with news of this happy event. Hence this  post!! In my last post, The MOB returns, we were in countdown mode with…

family photo on our wedding day

Throwback Thursday – 12 January 2017

Throwback Thursday today features a wedding party in 1980, a bright-eyed bride and groom and their happy parents. Oh wait – that’s me and my husband, the Mathematician! Today is our 37th wedding anniversary and it happens to be a Thursday – very appropriate then to share this photo for Throwback Thursday. I have been known to write posts every…

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: The morning after

Happily ever after….the day after my daughter’s wedding looked a bit like this… I couldn’t sleep in despite the huge day we’d had, so I got up and wandered around the marquee picking up bottles, collecting glasses, enjoying the presence of the wild brumbies and kangaroos, not to mention the shaft of early morning light. I replayed the wedding and…

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