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Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective – Under the Dome

Here is my post for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective. It was an interesting exercise and took me far longer to compile than I thought it would.

I like the way the shape of the dome, a hexagon, is highlighted by cropping the photo and how different the photo is when looked at from this perspective. Would you know what the subject of the photo is by just looking at the first picture? I don’t think so.


Shapes of the Dome

I took this photo at the Eden Project while on holiday in the UK last year.  I love the domes and the shapes created.  It’s a very clever and inspiring place. I called the stairs to the floating viewing platform the stairway to heaven and my daughter and I were amazed at how scary it was being so far up in the air. The view was well worth it though.


Stairway to heaven – Under the Dome

If you’ve never been to The Eden Project, it’s well worth the visit.  Tell them Debbie sent you!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes

How exciting! The photos I posted in response to the recent weekly photo challenge of Threes, have been used in this week’s The Daily Post writing challenge! I’m thrilled. 😊

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Sydney is a beautiful city and I love to visit the harbour whenever I’m there.  I was up early for a run before being locked inside at work meetings all day and decided to take these pictures of work going on at the Opera House. I was inspired by the weekly photo challenge topic of Threes and hope I have interpreted the topic correctly.  I’d love to hear your comments.

Silence – is it just me or is it a bit creepy?

I’ve been thinking about this week’s writing challenge , the sound of silence, for a few days now and I always come back to the same question – is there a difference between silence and just plain quiet? According to google search, silent means not making or accompanied by any sound while quiet means making little or no noise.  There is a…

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Finally it’s raining! We have had such hot weather for weeks and with days of bushfire smoke added in for good measure, it’s nice to finally have some relief! It’s hard to comprehend that in some places, like in the UK where my daughter lives, that flooding is occurring and in the US heavy snow falls are again the order…


I have just realised that I am really missing my zero to hero community!  I haven’t posted in a while as I haven’t had the nudge that the daily challenge gave me.

I have just spent a nice evening fiddling with my blog putting into use some of the skills that I learnt throughout the 30 day challenge and feel pleased that I have remembered how to do things like links and editing my widgets.

Feel free to visit fellow heroes, have a look at my new page of my blogs that I’m proudest of and leave me a hello – I miss you all!

I aim to get involved in some of the other challenges soon, any suggestions gratefully accepted.  Stay in touch 🙂

Lunching with myself

Day 22’s task for of the Zero to Hero challenge is to draft a post for (another) blogging event to see what other opportunities there are for writing, publishing, and getting to know people in the blogosphere. I had a look at all the events and challenges listed as suggested and decided that I liked the idea of the Weekly Writing Challenge due…

Awards night!!

Since  I have been involved in the Zero to Hero 30 day challenge I have had a lovely time checking out lots of other blogs and learning loads from everything I read, as well as learning more about blogging in general. I’m trying to keep up with the blogging challenges as well as my ‘real life’ but have taken some time…


While out cycling on the Great Victorian Rail Trail we came across the Cheviot Tunnel near Yea. A lovely ride on another Victorian rail trail. Couldn’t resist putting this saying on the photo.


*zero to hero challenge to use a different style of post. This is an aside post.

Rising temperatures

It’s a bit hot in Melbourne today, actually it’s a very hot 43.3 degrees Celsius at this very moment. We have come down to Melbourne for a few days at the Australian Open tennis tournament and we’re in the middle of a heat wave. We are now sitting in our apartment with the air conditioner keeping us cool while we…

Commenting in the blogosphere

I must say that I am enjoying my blogging experience. I have been reading some great posts lately and have actually been brave enough to make a few comments on some of these blogs.  This is relatively new for me as I have tended to stay in the background happy to read others’ posts and just write my own stories without interacting…

Why a blog? Day 3 challenge

I have always loved writing and reading.  I think the reason why I started writing a blog is that I love writing down my thoughts.  I’m not that sure if anyone else is interested in reading them but I do like to share. I have always kept a diary I wrote each of my children the story about their birth and their first few…


Who am I really?

Greetings.  I am embarking on the Zero to Hero: 30 days to a better blog challenge for the next month or so and have to write regularly, so I hope you all enjoy it. This will be an interesting challenge and one I am looking forward to (I think).  Today’s challenge is to introduce myself so apologies to those who…

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