Month: November 2013

Skinny love

Skinny love

This was taken on my morning run and just as I took it the song skinny love came on my playlist. I loved the shadow effect giving me long skinny legs and making me appear much taller than I am. It was a lovely morning, crisp and clear and I enjoyed my run much more than last week’s. I wasn’t as hungry, had much more energy and was able to run for 4 minutes without stopping. I then continued walking and running in intervals for the rest of my workout.

My weekly weigh in was ok with the scales showing that I dropped 500g since last week (I I really think it is quite unfair given the amount of work I’ve done all week on eating properly and exercising). But I am happy with how much energy I have, how my clothes are feeling looser and with how much I’m feeling in control. I feel healthy and happy with my efforts so hopefully the numbers will continue to fall. I have also stopped myself from weighing myself everyday as it was doing my head in. I will now only weigh in on Wednesdays as per instructions! I am managing with eating out and was proud that on a recent road trip I googled the McDonald’s menu and found the best choices for meals along the way.

Skinny love….getting closer!!!

Pressure’s on!!

I’m feeling the pressure!  Organising all my meals, trying to get the exercises right, finding time, making time, reading everything, recording everything I eat, calories burnt, first weigh in ……I know I’ll be fine in a week or so. I do like to be organised so that helps. My weigh in was OK – 100g down from my initial weigh…

The beginning…

Today was Day 1. Although the weeks of pre-season activities have helped get my head into the right mind set, it was still a big day.  I had a huge weekend cycling with friends and on Saturday alone my heart rate monitor told me that I had burnt 1432 calories!!  We did ride for most of the day and covered…

Starting to hatch

Fitness test – done ✔️ Before photos taken – but definitely not ready to share them just yet⁉️ I’ve also looked at the exercise & meal plans for the first week – I think I can manage it😁 Must admit that I’m not looking forward to the measurement task but can see why we need to do it. Have enjoyed…


D = determined
E = enthusiastic
B = beginner
O = organised
R = runner
A = amazing
H = healthy

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