Month: November 2013

Pressure’s on!!

I’m feeling the pressure!  Organising all my meals, trying to get the exercises right, finding time, making time, reading everything, recording everything I eat, calories burnt, first weigh in ……I know I’ll be fine in a week or so. I do like to be organised so that helps. My weigh in was OK – 100g down from my initial weigh…

The beginning…

Today was Day 1. Although the weeks of pre-season activities have helped get my head into the right mind set, it was still a big day.  I had a huge weekend cycling with friends and on Saturday alone my heart rate monitor told me that I had burnt 1432 calories!!  We did ride for most of the day and covered…

Starting to hatch

Fitness test – done ✔️ Before photos taken – but definitely not ready to share them just yet⁉️ I’ve also looked at the exercise & meal plans for the first week – I think I can manage it😁 Must admit that I’m not looking forward to the measurement task but can see why we need to do it. Have enjoyed…


D = determined
E = enthusiastic
B = beginner
O = organised
R = runner
A = amazing
H = healthy

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