That time when the bride wore white and so did the groom!

An ancient old tree on the Frome River in the Flinders Ranges

Weathering life As the Mathematician and I celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary, I thought back to how we've weathered life along the way. We both started out in our brilliant white outfits and haven't looked back. I had been considering writing a post to offer advice to newly marrieds, my daughter among them, but I …

A curly-wurly succulent

Textures in a succulent

The texture and beauty in a succulent... We consume photos through our eyes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a tactile element, too. I love the curly-wurly texture of this succulent, submitted for this week's photo challenge. Although I'm not sure curly-wurly is a real description of anything, I just like the way it rolls off …

Pink flamingo fun, travel pics and a cat called Luna

Travel collage pf photos

A pink flamingo always manages to make me smile 🙂 How about you? This week's photo challenge is all about the humble collage, so I have compiled not one, but three collages - all using a different method.  Hey, they did say it was Blogger's Choice! Collage - An assortment, a collection, a hodgepodge.  1. Pink Flamingo …

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