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Clouds while flying

Getting excited for New Zealand

Can you believe I’ve been so busy and taken up with weddings, family issues and life in general that I haven’t yet managed to start getting excited for our upcoming trip to New Zealand’s North Island?? We only leave later this week, in 2 days time! I’m still in Brisbane as I write this, having celebrated our daughter’s Wedding with a…

Disused railway corridor overgrown with trees near Tumbarumba wating to be turned into a rail trail for cyclists and walkers

How the transient nature of transport has turned

The transient nature of life, and in particular, transport, is in my thoughts at the moment. Transient– This week’s photo challenge asks us to share a photo about transient – whether it be drifters, nomads, or even the state of impermanence. I’ve targeted the state of impermanence with this week’s photo. You will see in this photo a railway line, overgrown with trees…

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Where is your focus – in front or behind?

Where is your focus – in front of you or behind you? Focus– This week’s photo challenge asks us to share a photo featuring focus.  It could be an in-focus or out-of-focus shot. Instead I’ve taken the definition of focus – directing a great deal of attention, interest, or activity towards a particular aim – and shared this photo. In my…

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My friend is a bit ‘different’ – Weekly Photo Challenge

Friend  – This week’s photo challenge asks us to share a photo of a friend I don’t have a pet dog to share a photo of I could share a photo of my husband, who’s also my friend Or a photo of one of my real friends. But I thought I’d share a photo (or two) of my bike instead. It’s…

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Tour de Tassie – Maria Island 

What do two intrepid travellers decide to do while on a trip to Tasmania? Where do I start!!? Car packed with bikes, helmets, walking boots, cameras, warm clothes, food, sleeping bags, national park pass….tick ✔️ No real plans or destinations in mind just a sense of freedom to go where we feel like visiting. It’s a nice way to travel…

Just another ordinary day or something a bit special?

Another ordinary day or a bit special?  Five thoughts: Receive notification from WordPress of 5 year anniversary of blogging!  Not too keen on joining the Social Saturday bike ride group due to feeling tired and weather is a bit overcast,  but go anyway.  End up riding nearly 17kms, including hills, with the group, and feel much better for it! Decide…

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Far from the madding crowd – Weekly Photo Challenge

Solitude – This week, show us what being alone means to you…If you’re finding yourself surrounded by too many people, or too many sensations, or too many obligations, take a quiet moment for yourself. Seek solitude, and reset. Being alone is very different to being lonely. In this fast-paced world we live in, it is important to take some quiet time.…

mirror on bike

Framed by the mirror – Weekly Photo Challenge

Looking back at life through the mirror on my bike. It’s not only a mirror, it’s also a frame. Repurpose is the theme for this week’s photo challenge.  Show us something that you’ve recycled or repurposed, or an object for which you’ve discovered a clever new use. For this challenge, show us something you’ve put to new use. I took this photo…

Wonderlusting around the world

My blogging buddy Miriam has compiled this list of places around the world to visit featuring posts from fellow travel bloggers. I’m thrilled to have my recent New Zealand cycling trip included in her post. Have a read and maybe add some of these places to your list of ‘must see’ travel destinations!

Out an' About

I need another lifetime to travel to all the places I want to see. To experience even a fraction of the wonders in the world.

Though I’ve traveled widely I’ve yet to see even half of my own country (hopefully that will be rectified next year) yet still the allure of overseas cultures and countries is strong.

Recently I was asked by fellow adventurer from A Wandering Memory what my top destinations I’d love to visit are. So here they are, together with the bloggers who inspire and bring these places alive for me.

Sit back, grab a cuppa and prepare to be transported around the world.

oldplaidcamper-sunny-enoughPhoto Courtesy OldPlaidCamper

1. Rocky Mountain High

Call me Heidi reincarnated but since I was a little girl I’ve loved the mountains. The spectacular vistas of Canada have always held enormous appeal particularly  when I read the adventures of my Canadian bloggers.


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Vanish, invisible mending – a poem I found

While cycling in New Zealand recently I found this poem in a delightful little book about the local area. Reading through it, I found it really hit a chord with me.  The book was one of many available for visitors to flick though in one of the guest houses (Tiger Hill Lodge) we stayed in, probably to help showcase the…

Travel Blog: New Zealand #8 – Hyde to Middlemarch (final day of cycling)

Final day of cycling (day 5): Hyde to Middlemarch – 15 November 2016 It poured with rain overnight but the morning dawned cold with heavily overcast skies. We set out after breakfast for the final 30km hoping the rain would hold off and it did! The open Strath Taieri plain was flat riding with green farming land along the way.…

Travel Blog: New Zealand #7 – Wedderburn to Hyde

Cycling day 4: Wedderburn to Hyde – 14 November 2016 This was another big day starting off with an earthquake in New Zealand’s South Island just after midnight. I can’t say I felt the earth move but I do remember waking and thinking someone was walking around the cottage as there was a real rattle going on. I thought nothing…

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