What’s outside the window?

This morning the view from the kitchen window was sunny and bright so I thought I’d share it with you.

The vase of spring daffodils look pretty, WonderWoman Debs is sitting on top of her jar of Vegemite surveying the world around her, the camellia tree is full of pretty pink flowers outside in the garden and all is well.  Spring is in the air.

View through the window on a sunny spring day
Through the window

Your inspiration this week is windows. Use a window to frame your shot. Show us what you see out the window from the place where you usually blog, use a window to give structure to your photo, or make a window itself your subject.

Adventure is just outside the window.

We had a great trip to Tasmania earlier in the year and these are some of my favourite window shots from our travels.

Through the square window is the view of the Nut at Stanley.  The viewing window at the Port Arthur Historic site has undoubtedly seen many changes during its lifetime and the stunning sunrise through the round window was well worth getting up early to capture.

I also love taking photos out of plane windows as the views of the earth below are amazing.  I get to feel like a bird flying high above the world!

So what’s outside your window?

Deb xx

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20 Replies to “What’s outside the window?”

  1. I love your posts, Deb! Love beautiful Sydney Harbour (where I was born), loved the daffodils and Tassie. I’m cheating and saying I’m at the Coast today as I write this. If I look out of my window I see the beach and the ocean, a light rail link travelling through the Gold Coast and high rise holiday hotels and apartments. I love the day view to look at the beach and the night view with all of the lights. Have a beautiful weekend my friend. xx


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