Worth a Word Wednesday: Blue skies above

 Wordless Wednesday –

has had to be renamed ‘Worth a Word’ Wednesday simply because I couldn’t stick to the rules of


Blue sky on a Spring day
Blue sky

This is the beautiful clear blue sky above me on a warm spring day.  If you look really closely there’s a black dot up there which was a helicopter flying overhead.

I never get tired of the blue sky. 

Vincent Van Gogh

To me, it’s the simple beauty of such things as the bright blue sky above me that can help when I’m feeling *discombobulated.

The gentle touch of warm sunshine and a brisk walk in the forest is usually all I need to get back on an even keel.

What do you do when feelings like this overtake you?

I agree with Vincent Van Gogh – I never get tired of the blue sky.

A reminder to make time to look up, breathe in deeply and absorb the beauty of nature around us.

Enjoy your Wednesday wherever you are in the world.

Feel free to join in with Worth A Word Wednesday, post a photo and use as many words as you like!

I love it when people leave me a comment, so don’t be shy – comment away!

Debbie 🙂

*don’t you just love the word discombobulated?  It just rolls off the tongue 🙂

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8 Replies to “Worth a Word Wednesday: Blue skies above”

  1. I do love the word discombobulated, Deb, and I love blue sky, too. I’ve just started a part time work schedule – working two days/week, off five – a flip of my old schedule. I’ve looked up every day at a brilliant blue sky and felt refreshed!

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