Walk this way early birds!

I don’t necessarily consider myself an early bird but I do love early morning runs/walks and usually on these outings I see the most amazing colours and light.   I try to capture them on my phone so that I can recall the beauty at a later date.

My most recent picture is the steps to the beach with the sun rising on the sea.  It was taken just last week while on holiday at the beach with my parents. I like the fact that the steps and the light on the water don’t quite line up – it says something about me I think!

I have collected just a few of my all time favourites early bird photos from my blog, into this gallery for your early morning pleasure for this week’s Early Bird Daily Post photo challenge.

I’m not a proper photographer but I know enough to realise that the early morning light is one of the nicest times to get beautiful photos – I also like the late afternoons as well!

I hope these help make your day a little bit brighter. By the way it’s raining here today so it’s made me appreciate these photos all the more while the rain tumbles down outside.

Deb 🙂

7 Replies to “Walk this way early birds!”

  1. What a gorgeous collection of photos Deb! That first though walking down to the beach is my top pick. I can almost feel the wood under my bare feet and the breeze off the water.
    How are the wedding plans coming?

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    1. Thanks Sue, it was amazing how many early morning photos I had when I went looking! I might just be an early bird after all. I love that photo too, especially as the night before it had been the full moon in the same position. Unfortunately I didn’t get s good enough shot of that to use. Wedding plans are going well I’m just looking for a dress every chance I get! How about you?

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      1. Well I have a couple of dresses that will work but keeping my eye out. All else is being beautifully handled by my daughter. Her and I are going to NYC for a getaway on Thursday. Neither of us has been so we are really excited.

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