Three questions on Friday #4 – insert your own F word!

It’s Friday – so time for three questions and an F word

My F words for the week are FIRE and FEAR, as much of the state of NSW and other parts of Australia, have been under threat of fires with catastrophic weather conditions and much fear.

What made me happy this week?

Yay!! We have left our home and are now on the first leg of our trip to visit my daughter, son-in-law and baby granddaughter Dottie in England. I managed to pack my bags in between all the other things I had happening like farewells, lunches, catch-ups and getting the house ready. The Mathematician had his bags packed weeks ago (of course he did!!).

The House sitter has moved in and we are visiting my mother-in-law for a few days before spending time with my daughter and son-in-law and one year old granddaughter Emilia and then we fly out later tonight! I’m more than ready to get going.

I saw this somewhere and shared it on my Facebook page this week – I love it!

Grandmother rewards quote
Grandmother rewards quote

What made me sad this week?

The bushfires and weather conditions around NSW – one part of Australia had awful catastrophic bushfire conditions with many houses and properties lost and in some cases lives were lost too. Then in other parts of the country at the same time, there was snow falling and storms and rainbows, like I captured for my Wordless Wednesday post this week. Much of the country is already impacted by drought so it’s just not fair at times!

Australia is burning
Australia is burning

The awful arguments and recriminations that are doing the rounds on the media networks and social media are also upsetting.

What made a difference this week? Three things…

  1. I saw a post about motherhood with some fabulous insights in a cartoon format and as each of my three daughters are in some way impacted by motherhood at this very moment – relatively new to motherhood, impending motherhood and dealing with a premature baby in NICU for the past 12 weeks – I thought the cartoons might help them see things from a different perspective – and maybe give them a laugh too.

Here’s the link to the post with a selection of 30 cartoons depicting many of the issues facing mothers: 30 Motherhood Moments features cartoons by artist Paul Kurka from

I enjoyed seeing them too, despite my days of new motherhood being long behind me. I’m in a totally new place now and am finding it interesting – it’s not all smooth sailing and my anxiety levels are increasing due to what I know now, as compared to what I didn’t know when I was a young mother.

too peas in a podcast
too peas in a podcast

2. This podcast has also made a difference to me in recent weeks. It’s where Mandy and Kate talk honestly and openly about their lives with their children, parenting, premature babies, twins and disabilities and special needs. It could be thought that it would be quite a dry and serious podcast, but just the opposite. Kate and Mandy are so open, honest and funny that it’s hard not to laugh (and cry) with them. It’s been a breath of fresh air for me as I go on my daily walks.

This Friday series was inspired by Kate and Mandy from Too Peas in a Podcast who sign off each episode by each of them answering these three questions. It can be quite a simple exercise but also complex at the same time.

On a horrible day…

3. On a horrible day this week with catastrophic weather conditions and other worries impacting on my headspace, this timely reminder popped up.

It made a difference.


OK it’s your turn now – what would your answers be?

When I next write I’ll be in a different hemisphere with new weather patterns, colder temperatures and a whole different role, as an on-the-ground Globetrotting Granny.

All the best for the week ahead.

Deb xx

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47 Replies to “Three questions on Friday #4 – insert your own F word!”

  1. It’s heartbreaking to watch those fires Deb, so much devastation and loss. Worry and fear seem to be paramount now so it’s good to shift our focus to what we can do and what brings us joy, like motherhood and being there for our family. Wishing you and yours all the best my friend. Take care xx

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  2. The fires are devastating Deb and I can’t imagine what those who have lost everything must be feeling. It would be hard to start again. Great that you are on your way to Dottie and I had a Fabulous and Fit week spending time with my grandsons and I’m just back from the gym. Feeling good. Safe travels my friend. xx

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  3. My heart goes out to everyone impacted by the devastation of the fires:(

    The cartoons are true and made me smile. I also love Marc and Angel. Their words of wisdom have often changed my day for the better.

    Safe travels, Deb. You will fell better when you get there. Thank you for making a difference in more ways than you may be aware.🙂

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  4. Hi Deb,
    I have been following the bruising bush fires in NSW and Queensland, and the inevitable politics behind it.
    Bushfires, as much as I know, are not knew to Australia; but what is new I think is the extent. Everyone is blaming on climate change. Probably.
    But I wonder, if some preventive steps could be taken before the fires broke out, rather than wait for them to start and then try to put them out.
    I just hope that it abates fast. And I pray for the people who have lost their lives and their properties.
    Take care.

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  5. Hi Deb,
    The comment I posted doesn’t seem to have gone through. So posting it again.
    I have been following the bushfires in NSW and Queensland, and the inevitable politics.
    Most people are blaming climate change for this. Probably they are right.
    Bushfires aren’t new to Australia as much as its extent and the damage.
    I wonder, some preventive steps could be taken before the fires break out rather than wait for it start and then try to put it out.
    I hope it abates fast; and I pray for the people who lost their lives and their properties.
    Take care.

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  6. The fires. Just heartbreakingly sad. What made me happy? I’m reading and watching only feel good stuff at the moment – festive at that. I listened to a podcast with Claire Bowditch on Richard Fidler’s Conversations & so much of what she said made sense. Wishing you a fabulous reunion with little Dottie.

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  7. The fires looked terrifying and I hope are. Ow under control. I know via Facebook you have arrived at your destination. Dottie looks like she is doing well and has grown so much. Sending very best wishes and hugs. ❤️

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  8. F – Fun with the granddaughter. We are still worrying about my husband upcoming unemployment situation and a horrible car wreck my MIL was in. But our granddaughter Lucia brought joy and fun to our lives for a few hours on Saturday. So thankful for that 3 year-old. She is a delight!

    Praying you have continued safe travels and find Dottie has grown and made incredible strides since you last held her. Enjoy!!

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    1. Oh Leslie it isn’t easy at time is it? I feel for you with the job situation for your husband, it is a difficult time. I’m glad you have had some fun times with Lucia, she sounds like a real delight! Thanks again for your positive thoughts. xx


  9. I’ve been writing letters to MPs for Firefighters (both funding in NSW and covering their work related cancers with workers comp last year – Shame on this Libs both NSW and Federal – their treatment of emergency workers is nothing short of disgusting). So I really can’t talk much about the bushfires without getting angry. We were stupid (as a nation) and a lot of damage could have been less severe if we hadn’t cut funding over the last 6 years. Or Liberal voters need to take an interest in their parties decisions post election and get vocal when they do the wrong thing. (and all parties do the wrong thing at times, so that goes for everyone. Don’t blindly pick a side and stick with it. Keep them honest and on their toes.) #MLSTL

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  10. I would also say, even if you don’t beleive in climate change, you should be demanding that the PM and Drought Envoy and Minister for the Environment meet with Greg Mullins & Co. Why has that meeting not happened yet? It’s not over, there is far worse to come. We must be better prepared. Start writing and demanding this happens.

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  11. We have to go back to back burning the way our native australians did. Fires will always happen especially when they are deliberately lit but come on we need to get rid of the undergrowth. No use sitting back and crying after the event. We also need stronger convictions for those who do start these fires. If they are young…get them to help clean up the fire affected areas…see the outcome of what they have done. Help the poor animals that are affected. Will get off my soap box now sorry. #MLSTL

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  12. Hi Deb – I’m glad you arrived in the UK safely and have enjoyed time with Dottie, your daughter and SIL. I hope the fires in Australia will be under control soon. So much devastation and loss already. Have a great week! #MLSTL

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  13. Hi, Deb, The fires are making the news globally… so unforgiving – they certainly take no prisoners!
    My two F-words right now are focussed and fulfilled… being productive, and content with things in general.
    Enjoy your Granny-time!!

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  14. Hi Deb – I’ve seen on social media that you’re in the UK and back with your daughter and little Dottie again. The fires have been dreadful haven’t they? Such a worry, and still ongoing! My two F words would be FULFILLED and FABULOUS. I am feeling fulfilled because my daughter arrived from Cairns to visit today – going back on Saturday so a quick visit but it’s so good to see her. FABULOUS because I finally returned to Pilates this week and it feels fabulous to be moving and exercising my body again! Enjoy your stay over there! xo

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  15. F words, hey? The fear one still pretty high in my list despite all the work I do for me to learn how to live with fear. I cannot push it way but I need to move on and with it.

    The late Dr Claire Weeks who published Self Help For Your Nerves in the 1960s learned from her own fear and anxiety what worked. I used her book and three CDs to help me understand the emotions and the barriers fear was causing me back in 2016 into 2017. Now I am starting her memoir. If you have time on line, check out her name and you will see a LOT about her. A pioneer. Hope your family (another F word) is special. Denyse #mlstl

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