Shout Out Saturday#9 – self care and sharing

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But first a quote…

Lovely quote
Lovely quote

My Shout Out(s) this week go to….

All in the name of self care!

I had a few treatments this week and they have made all the difference to my world! Huge shout out to all the talented people who help put us back together again – in so many ways.

1. Annette from Thairapy

Annette is my hairdresser and is a very special person who always makes me feel good. I made the comment how I’m surprised I’m not greyer than I am, given the last few years I’ve had, and she quietly said ‘well I have noticed a huge increase in greys this year, not just in your hair, but in many of my customers’.

hair in progress
hair in progress

She hasn’t made a big deal about it but has just quietly gone about her business of making my hair look better than it did when I first walked in. FYI, I’m no longer colouring my hair all over, mainly just adding a few foils of blonde and ash to help the greys blend in. Today she also added a streak of purple just at the front to make me smile 🙂 No-one will notice but I know it’s there!

Deb's new hair
Deb’s new hair

It always feels so soft and bouncy after I’ve been to see her! This is my new windswept look after my visit to see Annette.

2. Massage with May

I really needed it too! So good….

3. Physio with Stephenie

What I really needed for my sore knee – I think I’m on the right track now!

4. And just for some fun – Schitt’s Creek

I was late to the party on this one but have been loving it while I’ve been home alone. It’s a Canadian comedy on Netflix which my daughters recommended I watch. As each episode is only 20 minutes or so long, it’s easy to digest and although I rarely laugh out loud, it continually makes me smile which is just what I need at the moment. I’m slowly working my way through the 6 series, (each series has 13 episodes) – currently I’m halfway through season 4 and loving it more and more.

Synopsis: The wealthy Rose family—video store magnate Johnny (Eugene Levy), his wife and former soap opera actress Moira (Catherine O’Hara), and their spoiled adult children David and Alexis (Dan Levy and Annie Murphy)—lose their fortune after being defrauded by their business manager. They are forced to rebuild their lives with their sole remaining asset: a small town named Schitt’s Creek, which Johnny had bought for David as a joke birthday gift in 1991. The Roses relocate to Schitt’s Creek, moving into two adjacent rooms in a run-down motel. As the family adjusts to their new lives, their well-to-do attitudes come into conflict with the more provincial residents of Schitt’s Creek, including mayor Roland Schitt (Chris Elliott), his wife Jocelyn (Jenn Robertson), and the motel’s manager Stevie Budd (Emily Hampshire). Source

I love the bickering that goes on between brother and sister Alexis and David, despite their advanced ages. It takes me back 🙂

Be aware this clip may have spoilers!

Have you watched this, if so let me know.

Care to share??

Are you keen to share something? I hope so – all you have to do is leave a comment or a link!

Has someone done something nice for you, have you witnessed a random act of kindness, have you read something interesting or watched a good movie lately?

Anything really – it’s over to you!

As always, feel free to share and get the word out there #ShoutoutSaturday

Thanks again for all your support, it’s much appreciated.

Deb 🙂

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33 Replies to “Shout Out Saturday#9 – self care and sharing”

  1. I haven’t yet joined the Schitts Creek party and really must do so. My shoutout this week is to author Angela Savage who, with other crafters, is supporting the launch of a new Aussie book raising funds and awareness for land and sea animals “Animals Make Us Human”, with crafted critters inspired by Australian books. Check them out on Insta at @literarycritters

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I decided it was best to go it alone Janis for similar reasons. As my husband has been away it’s been the perfect time to get into it. And I have loved it!! Easy to digest, funny and quirky – just the way I like my comedy.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you enjoy your haircut! I’ve used this year to grow mine longer for the first time in years. Let me know what you think of Schitt’s Creek, I always worry when I recommend something, in case it isn’t well received 🙂


  2. Hi Deb, I had my hair cut for the first time since March and it was so lovely! Amazing what a bit of pampering will do. I had a couple of lovely phone conversations this week – one with my cousin and another with the case manager who handles my income protection claim. She always makes me feel great – you wouldn’t expect it from an insurance person who has to give you funds! But she’s so lovely and caring. They deserve a shout out for helping boost my mood this week. I must check out Shitts Creek – it’s been on my saved list for ages
    Take care, Christina


    1. Hi Christina, it is amazing what a bit of pampering does for you! That’s lovely to hear your insurance person makes you feel good about yourself, not what you’d expect at all! Hope you enjoy Schitt’s Creek, it’s a bit of fun 🙂 Thanks for joining in and giving your shout outs!


  3. Deb, Your hair looks bouncy, shiny and pretty. ❤️ You have likely heard the phrase, “self care is the new health care.” We have been fans of Schitt’s Creek since it’s inception and patiently waited for each new season to begin.

    My shout out goes to Yvette Prior.

    Her comments make me feel as if I have been visited by an exceptionally kind, generous and thoughtful Fairy Godmother (although, she is much younger than I am). I learn a great deal from her. One of her recent comprehensive posts “Prior Commentary on Blog Challenges” on Marsha Ingrao’s site shares a philosophy behind staying fresh, keeping the fun factor and guarding your essence. This article specifically discusses blogging yet it could have been written on how to live a happy and healthy life. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Erica, I’ve just recently found Yvette’s blog through Donna and Marsha – small world! It was a great post about challenges and I left her a comment last week. Thanks also for the comment about my hair, you always make me smile with your lovely comments and I’m happy to hear you are Schitt’s Creek fans too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi, Deb – I’m so glad that you are enjoying Schitt’s Creek. Andrew Barnsley, the Executive Producer, is the son of very good friends of ours. Last year, we watched the Emmy Awards from their home, and Andrew sent them texts during key moments. We didn’t do that this year because of COVID. But it would have been FABULOUS to watch the award show together with all of those Emmy wins!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow 6 degrees of separation, I’m almost his best buddy now😂 that’s so fabulous to know of your close association and I agree it would have been FABULOUS this year with all their wins. Thanks for making me feel even more connected to my Canadian friends.


  5. Hi Deb – your hair has been looking fabulous lately – maybe because it’s that little bit lighter and adding a purple highlight just makes me smile – my new hairdresser (who’ve I’ve had for about a year) won’t do pinks/purples etc so I’ve bought a sachet and I’m going to do it myself soon because I miss my pops of colour.
    I tried watching Schitts Creek and really didn’t like it – mustn’t be my kind of humour for some reason??? Anyway I know it’s hugely popular, so I’m glad you’re enjoying it – it’s always good to have a laugh whenever we can xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Leanne, that’s very kind of you to say! I did think of you with the pop of colour :). Yes I’ve needed a laugh lately and for some reason Schitt’s Creek just hit the spot for me.


  6. I absolutely love Schitts Creek! Cracks me up every time. All the characters are awesome. They deserved all those Emmys!
    Also great concept with the Shout Out Saturday’s!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks very much Jan, I love the show and they all crack me up, especially David! Shout out Saturday is my attempt at getting others to share something positive. I always enjoy hearing from other bloggers.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Deb, I have a hair appointment next week and looking forward to some pampering I must say. I always feel great after a trip to the hairdressers. You’ve certainly put self-care front and centre haven’t you and it is just what you needed. I’m giving a shoutout to one of my Saturday Sisters. We have a marathon on Sunday and we have kept each other motivated each week. #can’tdoitwithouther

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your hair is looking great Sue. I always love a bit of pampering! I wish you and your Saturday Sisters all the best for your run on Sunday, you are an inspiration to us all.


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