Are these 5 of the best retirement locations in Australia? Some of my words as a guest over on Retiring Not Shy’s blog.

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This is part of a guest post I wrote on Retiring Not Shy's blog, about Tumbarumba being a great place to live, especially in retirement. I was one of five bloggers invited to share why we live where we live in retirement.

Are you a jackhammer or a hummingbird?

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As I've been described as a 'hummingbird on speed', this article really appealed to me 🙂 According to Elizabeth Gilbert - The world is divided into two types of people. There are the hummingbirds, and there are the jackhammers. Although I'm not a huge fan of Elizabeth Gilbert, this article on Mamamia, caught my attention. …

Retirement Voices | Add your story to this important new book

Life after retirement. Having been made redundant, life is looking good.

I have just completed an easy questionnaire on the subject of retirement. I found out about this project from another midlife blogger and decided to add my voice to the story. If you are a woman and you're retired I highly recommend you join up and share your story and thoughts, it's for a good …

Guest Post Series: Reflections on My First Year of Retirement

Our retirement home at Hobbiton New Zealand

Holiday Greetings to you all from the Land Down Under! Donna at Retirement Reflections kindly invited me to be a guest in her 'Sundays at Six' series and gave me free rein as to what I could write about. Donna has many interesting bloggers join her in her series and it's great reading what everyone is …

People of Interest #2 – Meet Donna

Retirement Reflections is a guest on my blog

As I have enjoyed being a guest blogger a number of times, I decided to start a new feature on my blog and share some interesting people with you. I have always liked the quote:  “Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books and some are confined …

Travel thoughts – Care, share and respect!

Travel thoughts - care, share and respect

Every journey is a voyage of discovery Clare Boylan River Gums The adventure is over We are home and have been for a while now. The clothes that reeked of smoke from the campfire and physical exertion are clean again, my husband's beard has been removed, the car has been emptied and bags lie around …

Travel Loving Parents

My very clever and talented daughter from the Wandering Darlings wrote this lovely post about us, her Travel Loving Parents, so naturally I just had to share it with you. Spoiler alert – it’s touching, heartfelt and moving.

I’m proud of all three of our daughters and believe that taking them travelling when they were young really helped shape them, and taught us many lessons at the same time.

But believe me it wasn’t always easy!

Hosting Rotary Exchange Students from all over the world has been a real joy and something we’re still very much involved in today.

Yes we do love travelling and we know we are fortunate to do what we do. Life is full of opportunities and sometimes you just have to grab them and go!

If you enjoy reading Melanie’s post, please feel free to leave a comment.

I can tell you that I enjoyed reading it very much – as I’m sure you can imagine 🙂

A cute shot with Melanie before she headed back to UK
A cute shot with Melanie before she headed back to UK

Thanks 🙂

Deb x

the wandering darlings

My parents have recently retired which, when they are still in their very early 60s/late 50s is really bloody early. I had like 5 mins worrying about what they would do with this new found freedom of the daily grind then I realised they are going to be even busier now than ever before.

You see my parents don’t sit still.

They get involved, they travel, they give back to the community, they find new places, they see different sides to places they already know, they challenge themselves.

I spoke to them last weekend and mum reeled off a list of everything they have planned till Christmas and every month they have something exciting planned in. New places, new experiences and new adventures and that on top of everything they have already done this year I just don’t know how they ever had time to work before.

Being the offspring…

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Reblog: Not a good week!  – Deb’s World

Wonder Woman

I can't let today, 10 May 2017, go by without mentioning that one year ago today we were told our jobs as educators in the State's Correctional Centres were to be axed by the end of 2016. It started a dreadful time of worry, concern, upset, ill health and general malaise.  We were all summonsed to …

Wordless Wednesday – 8 March 2017

Wordless Wednesday! I know - it's my sister's birthday and International Women's Day and I go and post a photo of a car with a big blue ribbon 🙂  Go figure! And here's another one! I like the presentation 🙂 So here's a great graphic just for today which I used in a post for International Women's …

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