Guest Post Series: Reflections on My First Year of Retirement

Holiday Greetings to you all from the Land Down Under!

Donna at Retirement Reflections kindly invited me to be a guest in her ‘Sundays at Six’ series and gave me free rein as to what I could write about. Donna has many interesting bloggers join her in her series and it’s great reading what everyone is up to in their various stages of life.

Here’s the post in full, please pop over and have a read: Guest Post Series: Christmas Eve Reflections on My First Year of Retirement

Donna is such a generous soul and someone I now call a friend, despite not having met her….yet!  Thanks again for having me.

I’ve got so much more time now that I’m not working (said no-one ever)!

My post was scheduled for Sunday 24 December, Christmas Eve, so I decided to use the opportunity to take a reflective look at my summary of how 2017, my first year of retirement, panned out.

I wrote enthusiastically back in March about how much I was enjoying myself and now that I have a full year of retirement under my belt, I thought I’d use this opportunity to give you a further update….click the link to Donna’s blog to read the post in full.

You might be interested to read that by the end of 2017 I will have spent over 170 nights away from home! That’s nearly half a year 😮

Thanks Donna for having me on your blog again and I love the generous engagement that always ensues after being a guest.  It really is all about the comments, sharing and connections we make as we blog. Let’s keep it going in 2018!

Our retirement home at Hobbiton New Zealand
Our new ‘retirement home’ at Hobbiton New Zealand

We decided our new retirement home in Hobbiton New Zealand, needs some work to be done for those of us who are taller than the average Hobbit – just one of the adventures we had in 2017!

Happy New Year to you all! Not long now…..

Deb xx

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9 Replies to “Guest Post Series: Reflections on My First Year of Retirement”

  1. Hi, Deb – Thank you for being my Christmas Eve Guest Host. Your post is very inspiring and was very well received by readers. I look forward to our continued friendship and many other collaborations to come!

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