Month: March 2014

Somewhere over the rainbow!


On my way to work this morning I  looked in the rear view mirror to see this beautiful rainbow and stormy sky over the vineyard next door.  The amazing thing was that the other end of the rainbow was over my workplace, over 5kms from home – and it was a double rainbow to boot. What a lovely way to start the day.

Weekly photo challenge: reflections – me and my shadow

The theme of this week’s photo challenge  is reflection, which made me think of the many different ways this can be interpreted. I have already submitted one version (which I am very happy with)  – it’s the classic reflection photo in a pool of water.

Recently I have rediscovered my love of running, embarked on a healthier and fitter lifestyle and become a new woman in many ways. I enjoy walking, running and cycling for the quiet thinking time they afford me. I find I am more reflective as a result of these activities, they soothe me, I am at peace and I feel good.

These photos are of me and my shadow enjoying our quiet, reflective time together. Is a shadow another form of reflection?

Weekly photo challenge: reflection

Reflection in the fountain

This photo was taken at 6am in Fitzroy Park in Melbourne in January 2014. The temperature at 6am was already 29 degrees Celsius and the day was forecast to get to 48 degrees. I remembered all of this when I read the topic for this weeks photo challenge. I immediately thought of this photo.

I took the photo of the fountain on my phone while I was out for my morning run. We were heading into the Australian Open tennis later in the day and I remember thinking how cool and serene the water looked, which seemed in stark contrast to what the day would bring.

Not only did the water look cool and inviting but also the park in general, with the sprinklers swishing, the majestic old green shady trees, the cool freshly mowed grass, and of course this gorgeous fountain with its tiled pool. I’m sure it would have been a lovely cool haven from the heat later in the day.


Weekly writing challenge: Golden Years – ageing gracefully

Here’s my post for a recent Weekly Writing Challenge on the Golden years and ageing.

How did I get to this point in life?? I honestly don’t know how I came to be in my early fifties, I don’t feel that old!!

In actual fact my body isn’t that old…..what do I mean by that?

I have been doing a health and fitness challenge for the past few months and one of the steps has been a body composition analysis. At the beginning my body age was 45 (despite my actual age of 53) and at the end of the challenge my body’s age was 42. This has made me very happy!!  I am feeling fit, healthy and fantastic and I’m in my early fifties – how lucky am I?

I love this picture of a teenage me, all bright eyed and bushy tailed!! I am still that teenage girl on the inside, despite the outside saying something different.  I firmly believe that if you think you are old, then you are old.  This can happen to people at any age.  I am happy to report that I don’t think I’m old so therefore I’m not old!

I have learnt so much along the way and gained so much from life changing events that I wouldn’t even consider swapping to return to my younger self, if I was given the chance. I’m happy being this age at the moment – this is the oldest I’ve ever been.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective – Under the Dome

Here is my post for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective. It was an interesting exercise and took me far longer to compile than I thought it would.

I like the way the shape of the dome, a hexagon, is highlighted by cropping the photo and how different the photo is when looked at from this perspective. Would you know what the subject of the photo is by just looking at the first picture? I don’t think so.


Shapes of the Dome

I took this photo at the Eden Project while on holiday in the UK last year.  I love the domes and the shapes created.  It’s a very clever and inspiring place. I called the stairs to the floating viewing platform the stairway to heaven and my daughter and I were amazed at how scary it was being so far up in the air. The view was well worth it though.


Stairway to heaven – Under the Dome

If you’ve never been to The Eden Project, it’s well worth the visit.  Tell them Debbie sent you!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes

How exciting! The photos I posted in response to the recent weekly photo challenge of Threes, have been used in this week’s The Daily Post writing challenge! I’m thrilled. 😊

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