Weekly photo challenge: silhouette pics

Isn’t it funny that I often take silhouette pics with my phone and think that they look good but wonder if they are useful or good for anything….and then the theme for this week’s challenge is silhouettes!!!

Sometimes I think they are mistakes and didn’t work at all, like the one of mum and I at the beach, but for some reason I still like them and can’t delete them.

Here are a few of my favourites. Hope you like them too.

These photos were all taken on my iPhone and interestingly seem to involve sky colours, trees,  sunset or early mornings.

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Note: all my pics are copyrighted to Debbie Harris.

One Reply to “Weekly photo challenge: silhouette pics”

  1. Hi Debbie 🙂 Just returning your visit from the other day.
    I’m one of those terribly antiquated people with a very basic old Nokia that doesn’t take photos, can you believe? One of these days I’ll make the leap 🙂 But I do like your silhouettes.


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