Magnificent magnolia

I love these delicate flowers.

My magnolia tree at home is huge so this newly flowering specimen took my fancy due to its size and starkness.

It only has a handful of flowers and all are beautiful in their own way. They are all in various stages of flowering.  Their fragility appealed to me, maybe because I too am feeling so fragile at the moment.

Beautiful magnolia
Beautiful magnolia
Inside the magnolia
Inside the magnolia

I took these on my iPhone 5 and haven’t enhanced the first picture at all apart from cropping it. The second picture I just zoomed into the flower’s centre and used Instagram to enhance it a little.

5 Replies to “Magnificent magnolia”

    1. I know exactly what you mean Maggie. It always seems to storm just after they have flowered so they get bruised and whipped around. The flowers on my big tree is starting to open up nicely now, so cue storm! Thanks for the comment.

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