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Waving while running

Today is Mother's Day here in Australia and that means the annual Mother's Day Classic. This is an event for walkers, runners, families, friends and people of all ages to come together in support of Breast Cancer research. Events are held all over Australia and usually include the colour pink in some form. My daughter …

Kindness shown to a stranger on Mother’s Day!

A 50+ wife and mother of 3 on her first solo trip away – what could possibly go wrong? Thanks to the kindness of strangers it was the most memorable Mother’s Day possible. Two years ago but still so clear to me!

Deb's World

Backpacker!Last year on Mother’s Day I arrived in London from Australia on the start to My Big Adventure.  I was travelling on my own for 4 weeks, staying with my daughter and other friends, in UK, Denmark and Sweden.  I love travelling and usually have my handy husband with me but unfortunately he wasn’t able to come with me, so I was on my own.  I’m very proud of how well I coped given that my first day was so eventful. This is my travel blog post from Mother’s Day 2013, which shows just a fraction of the excitement and, looking back on it, I’m grateful all over again for the kindness that was shown to me by complete strangers.

It was an amazing Mother’s Day and one I’ll never forget.

Where do I start? Ok – last post I was getting ready to arrive & be let loose in London. At Heathrow airport I managed to…

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